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Plutora Helps Global Enterprises Achieve Quality Application Delivery Across Their Entire Portfolio

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Below is our recent interview with Bob Davis from Plutora:

Q: Bob, can you tell us something more about your value stream management (VSM) platform?

A: Plutora has created the most complete value stream management (VSM) platform on the market, providing a system of record for an enterprise’s application development portfolio. Organizations are able to use this ‘catwalk over the modern software factory’ to give them full transparency into their software development processes, enabling them to understand exactly what is going on with respect to development efficiency and quality. And, perhaps more importantly, the platform allows organizations to understand the value that they are providing to their customers and returning to their business.

In 2011, the company was founded by two IT executives, Dalibor Siroky and Sean Hamawai, who saw the problems that the highly manual and fragmented software delivery processes posed for orgainzations. This grew into a vision to create a solution that provided visibility into the entire software delivery process, enhance collaboration between IT teams and the wider business, and optimize IT resources. In turn, this improves efficiency, ensures predictability, controls risk and provides measured outcomes to enterprises.

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Q: Why Plutora? What makes you the best choice?

A: Plutora offers a complete value stream management solution that correlates data across your entire toolchain of best-of-breed development tools, ensuring end-to-end continuous delivery. Our enterprise platform helps companies that were bogged down by poor collaboration, or blind to the software delivery process as a whole, strengthen their processes and improve efficiency. Everything Plutora does is about visibility and transparency for every team in an organization, making collaboration as seamless as possible. Our common data model sits on a comprehensive integration layer allowing the diverse toolchain to be orchestrated, managed, governed and analyzed with our rich layer of metrics and analytics.

Q: Can you give us insights into your solutions?

A: The Plutora Platform combines the strength of its release and test environment management solutions with the orchestration of automated and manual software release pipelines to provide a single view of releases and associated metrics. The release management solution helps organizations define and schedule hierarchical releases, track dependencies, manage approvals and maintain compliance while accelerating change. As its name suggests, the test environment management solution provides a space to resolve conflicts, centralize bookings, and track system dependencies. This is all backed by data analytics and visualization that turns structured data into rich, contextual insights to solve problems, make decisions and measure results.

Q: Why is Value Stream Management important? How is it done?

A: Software is the competitive differentiator driving every business, in every sector, in one way or another. With this shift in focus, comes challenges of accelerating software delivery to meet the business goals of the enterprise, gaining insight into the efficiency of the process to drive continuous improvement, and measuring the overall value it has in moving the business forward. However, when the process evolves without proper governance, team collaboration and overall insight, progress goes unmeasured and businesses are at risk of falling behind competitors and hemorrhaging money.

The best way to combat this while still reaping the benefits of DevOps, is to implement a fully integrated, end-to-end solution that reveals and automates the flow of work between tools and teams, helping shorten time to value, ensuring quality and proving ROI. Enter value stream management (VSM).

VSM combines people, process and technology that maps, optimizes, visualizes and governs business value flow through enterprise software delivery pipelines. It enables organizations to gain portfolio-level visibility across every delivery pipeline, manage each product lifecycle from idea to production, optimize development pipelines independent of technology or methodology and utilize key performance indicators driving continuous improvement in discrete measured outcomes.

In short, VSM allows various teams across an organization to work together and make the most efficient decisions for every sector of the business involved, and therefore for the users.

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Q: What can we expect from Plutora in the future?

A: 2019 will be the year of up-leveling in the development process so that teams can maximize the efficiencies and benefits of their value stream. It’s not about tools – that battle is over. We’re concerned now about what comes after the tools are in place. The technologies we have at our disposal are highly advanced and perform cutting-edge tasks. But they are still tools, and anyone can buy a tool, take it out of the box, put it to work and get some level of results. Where we can really make strides going forward is efficiently delivering the most value to the customer and clearly demonstrating the value of managing the people, processes and technologies of software delivery pipelines. Our goal this year is to truly help organizations embrace this approach and effectively put it into action – because if they’re not onboard yet, they’re already behind.

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