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RankScanner -Easy And Free Way to track Google Keyword Rankings

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RankScanner enables you to free and automatically monitor your website Google keyword rankings. Below is an interview with Rune Jensen founder of RankScanner:

Q: Could you tell us what is RankScanner and how does it work?

A: Website owners can monitor their domains’ positions on Google effortlessly, by adding the keywords they are interested in checking regularly. RankScanner then checks these keywords at least once a month, and generates easy-to-understand reports of the keyword positions, with graphs to show the development and performance of the user’s SEO efforts.


Q: How would you present team behind RankScanner?

A: Does “working in a garage” ring a bell? Well, we don’t actually work in a garage, but the idea of a few young energetic guys working together in “whatever we can find”, is pretty close to the actual picture. We have got two programmers, one entrepreneur and one SEO specialist, which is all it really takes to make a product like this. All of us work with the same goal, and just deciding what to work on, by listening to the customer feedback. The team as a unit, is working very well. There is always someone who can lift up the spirit, and someone who can make the executive decisions if we are under pressure. At the end of the day, every one of us just want to hang out the entire night to talk about what we achieve on the day.


Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We honestly don’t really know. Monitization wasn’t the reason we started this, and neither should it be the reason we want to continue. If we can make a product that people love to use and love to share, we don’t think it will be a problem to find a way to make a living on RankScanner. Now though, we just want to keep up with the expectations to the product, and see if there are any essential usage needs that we are currently covering, and then make sure that we will cover those needs as soon as possible.

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