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Startup Rasello Helps Enterprises Communicate More Effectively

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Communication is key to success in modern business, whether it’s keeping employees informed or staying in touch with customers. The key to making communication effective though is to send the right message at the right time, otherwise it’s likely to get ignored.

Startup Rasello is a clever cloud-based business intelligence tool that allows businesses to keep in touch with their customers based on personalized information. It can send email and SMS messages in a targeted way so you can be sure that your message is relevant and less likely to get ignored.

By linking messaging to a business intelligence database it can track things like subscriptions and insurance renewals to make certain reminders are sent out at the right time. It can also use other information that you collect about your customers, allowing you to send out personalized greetings on client’s birthdays for example, or target people of a specific age group, or living in a certain area.

The program’s analytics features allow you to study trends to allow more responsive decision making. You can also check the effectiveness of your communication by seeing when messages have been opened and how many times they’ve been read. The company claims it averages 98 percent delivery rates across mobile networks.

Rasello’s robust infrastructure allows large volumes of messages to be sent out at once and allows customers to sign up to receive messages via a website and unsubscribe easily if they wish. Data is stored securely in the cloud and all transactions are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

Rasello is well known for automating your whole business to customer communication process which is very unique compared to other traditional SMS or Email platforms. This automation can be leveraged on relationship building, marketing, product or service awareness, which in turn gives more room for the business to focus on other operations.

Now Rasello has hundreds of businesses using the technology and processes over 1 Million automated interactions each month.

Data plans are priced to allow you to communicate with varying numbers of customers and there’s a free message allowance within each plan so you’re not charged for individual messages unless you exceed that.

You can try the service out free for the first 100 customers to give you an idea of how it works.

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