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Reaction Audio Visual Launches “The Event Planner’s Ultimate AV Guide

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Reaction Audio Visual, an international single source provider for event technology and production needs launched a new eBook for event professionals titled, “the Event Planner’s Ultimate AV Guide.” Below is our interview with COO, J Ocana, about Reaction Audio Visual and the future of the company.


Q: Tell us something more about Reaction Audio Visual and your history?

A: We are a single source provider for event technology production and rental. We provide turnkey rental and staging solutions including professional audio, video, lighting, computing, and scenery. Reaction Audio Visual is based in Irvine, California but provides event technology solutions across the entire United States and internationally. We have offices and partners in every major city. Our clients include major Fortune 1000 corporations, large trade shows and associations, and meeting planner/event production companies. They include some of the largest names in a variety of industries from entertainment to high tech to video gaming. We provide event solutions from small events and dinner meetings, to large general sessions, exhibitor booths, and massive outdoor tradeshows.

Reaction Audio Visual was started in 2005 as a response to a fragmented event technology market made up of a few large, slow moving, non-customer centric companies, and thousands of small niche players without the resources to provide a complete solution. We saw the opportunity to create a new mid-market company with the resources, experience, and ability to provide turnkey event technology solutions. Our founders have over 50+ years of combined experience in technology, production, audiovisual, computer rentals, and event execution. We pride ourselves in our diverse and superior service offerings to our clients. We are not just a technology rental company; we provide first class services from planning to execution to 24-hour customer support. Clients continue to choose Reaction AV because we have the expertise, the commitment, the equipment, and the first class service to execute their events flawlessly.

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Q: You’ve recently released a new eBook for event professionals; tell us something more?

A: We noticed that as soon as we started publishing blog posts with content that was catered toward event professionals, the views on our website sky rocketed. Later on, we learned that many event managers have a limited knowledge about audio visual technology. In fact, the Event Leadership Institute (ELI) recently reported that meeting and event professionals scored an average of 48 out of a 100 when asked about technical event production. That is a shocking statistic! Because of this, we were inspired to create a basic guide that our clients (and event planners all around) could have at hand when booking audio visual for their event. To receive your free download of “The Event Planner’s Ultimate AV Guide,” please visit
In “The Event Planner’s Ultimate AV Guide,” one can expect to find answers to these critical questions:

• What is the best process when booking an AV provider?
• What do all of the confusing terms mean?
• What does one need to ask when choosing an AV provider?
• What is important to know about AV production?
• What is the difference between an in-house versus an independent provider?

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Q: What’s the achievement Reaction Audio Visual is most proud of?

A: In the last decade, we have worked with some amazing companies and pulled off some really great events. Probably our greatest achievement was when we partnered with Disney/LucasFilm on Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim last year. It’s always a fun fan convention, but last year we were honored to launch the worldwide trailer release of the biggest movie ever, The Force Awakens. The trailer was shown to 5,000 fans in the convention center arena as well as streamed to other parts of the convention center and then to the Star Wars website where millions of people viewed it. The event had so many moving parts, and a ton of technology from LED Walls to broadcast cameras. In addition, there was so much secrecy around testing the trailer while ensuring no one in the public could see it before the launch. Not to mention that Disney is a premier organization with very high expectations for success which is how they are themselves so successful. Our team did an incredible job and received much praise from the client and a lot of “high fives” after the worldwide premiere of The Force Awakens Trailer.

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Q: What are your plans for the second half of 2016?

A: Our company is growing fast in terms of customer base and types of clients including clients in high technology, pharmaceutical, automotive, and many other sectors. But our fastest growing sector by far is video gaming and the new E-Sports segment. E-Sports is the next level of video gaming where fans watch other people play video games in massive live tournaments that require large amounts of technology and live streaming. The E-Sports market is exploding with even sports oriented companies like ESPN getting involved. In the second half of 2016, we will be doing event production for many E-Sport tournaments and video game conventions not only in the US, but globally. Our team of techs will be deployed from Australia to London this year making great events happen worldwide. We will do more international events in 2016 than probably the last 10 years combined. Our company is a leading technology expert in live E-Sports tournaments so we see that market continuing to be a growth opportunity for Reaction.

Q: What’s the best thing about Reaction Audio Visual that people might not know about?

A: Many companies in our industry and many other industries like to talk about how their company is focused on customer service, going the extra mile, and being partners with their clients. It’s in many mission statements and you will hear many CEOs talk about it. I really think for us though it’s not just a statement that we espouse to, it’s the secret sauce that has made us successful from the very beginning. If you ask any of our clients why they stay with us, you will consistently hear because Reaction will always go above and beyond to make things happen for them. When asked can we do something, the answer is always a yes with some options to make it happen and never a no. We understand that live events only happen once and each client has their vision for execution and that we need to make their vision a reality. Our team knows that and we make things happen every single day.

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