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Toppan Vite New York Changes The Financial Printing Experience

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Toppan Vite New York is a leading financial printer and technology provider that prides itself on providing a hassle-free experience with remarkably fast turnaround times. A member of the Tokyo-based Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. family – the largest printing and communications group in the world – Toppan Vite is in its third year of operations in the U.S. and continues to enjoy strong growth and expansion in the market. Below is our interview with Jeffrey Riback, President of Toppan Vite New York, who believes the industry has proven its ready for a new kind of player.


Q: Tell us about Toppan Vite and your company’s history?

A: Toppan Vite New York is a leading financial printer and technology provider for mission-critical content, delivering key services for notable mergers and acquisitions, other capital market transactions, regulatory compliance filings and mutual fund documentation.

We are part of Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., the world’s largest printing group, headquartered in Tokyo with approximately US $13 billion in annual sales. Toppan Vite has been a pioneer and trusted partner in the financial markets for three decades, serving the financial, legal and corporate communities with meticulous, responsive service and unparalleled local market expertise and capabilities.

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Q: What is your core competence?

A: Toppan Vite’s mission is to deliver hassle-free, financial printing services for issuers, private equity firms, investment companies and their legal and banking advisors. We provide 24/7 service for mission-critical deal document creation, project management, document production and delivery, including typesetting, EDGAR, XBRL, print and e-delivery, with global cross-border capabilities.

Q: You’ve recently released Form 13F on your Hive SEC Self-File platform; tell us a bit more about this update.

A: As technology leaders in the financial printing industry, we are constantly working on providing new SaaS offerings for our clients. Our mission has always been to provide our clients with more effective solutions for their project management, documentation and compliance needs. Form 13F was added to Hive™ SEC Self-file, our self-service EDGAR platform, to allow investment management companies to file each of their ownership reports directly with the SEC.

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Q: What advantage does Toppan Vite have over its competitors?

A: Despite our impressive global reach, Toppan Vite New York provides boutique-like services, unmatched by any of our competition in the marketplace. This includes the industry’s only auto pagination feature within a single source typesetting environment, content management technology and virtual data rooms. We offer a client-centric organization that provides a highly-personalized experience – working the way YOU want to work, while helping you achieve your goals. Our client feedback indicates that we consistently provide the best service in the industry.

Q: What can we expect from Toppan Vite in next six months?

A: Toppan Vite will be rolling out updates to our SaaS products on an ongoing basis. A few notable updates will include a new user interface to Hive™ Virtual Data Rooms for enhanced functionality and a more seamless system. We will also be updating our shareholder reports offering through Hive™ Content Control, which will improve data feeds and offer greater choices in proof types, improved change-tracking management and faster processing speed in generating PDFs.

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Q: What types of clients do you typically serve? Does each group have a particular need or challenge?

A: Toppan Vite provides hassle-free financial printing services to financial, legal and corporate communities, specifically companies, investment management firms and institutions and their legal and banking advisors. Each group’s needs will vary, yet they are all looking for reliable, accurate and cost-effective financial print services. Legacy printers often force their clients to “work the way they want to work.” Toppan Vite has modernized this process by working as an extension of our client’s team and working the way the client wants to work.

Toppan Vite’s skilled customer service team and state-of-the-art service offerings establish pain points for clients and then erase them. We distilled feedback from clients and lessons learned from the industry to create a streamlined business model that delivers a hassle-free experience with faster, better service. We have hired the best people in the business and empowered them to make immediate decisions and keep projects moving. We cut out bureaucracy, simplify workflow and use next-generation technologies. Our clients speak directly with skilled experts so they can get the right answers, get the job done and get home earlier.

Q: How have advancements in technology changed the financial printing landscape?

A: In the “old days” of financial printing, jobs required multiple drafts with incredibly messy markups, all done by hand. This led to a great deal of time and money spent on changes and copy clarification. It was a long, arduous road to get a final document that could be delivered to shareholders and stakeholders.

Those days are long gone. Advances in technology have put access to information at people’s fingertips in an instant and for that reason people expect their information much faster. When it comes to financial documents and filings, things like component content management systems (CCMS), virtual data rooms and the ability to self-file have made things easier and faster.

Technology has enabled corporations, investment companies, mutual funds, annuities and insurance firms to automate processes and gain efficiencies. The ability to effectively manage content means maximizing efficiencies, managing both regulatory and brand integrity and ultimately saving money. These changes have had tremendous benefits for both corporations and the individual investor.

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