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Redefining The Future Of Beauty With Perfect Corp.’s YouCam Makeup App

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Perfect Corp. apps, such as YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect, allow for virtual experimentation with various beauty and fashion styles. Using the most precise facial recognition technology on the market, they partner with cosmetic and beauty brands to give users a true-to-life experience, the ability to interact with other fashionistas, and the potential to create a more intimate consumer/creator relationship. Here is our interview with Alice Chang, CEO of Perfect Corp.

Alice ChangQ: Alice, what is Perfect Corp.’s startup story?

A: Perfect Corp. was founded in 2015 with an aim to fuse high tech with high fashion and to bring virtual creations to the real world. As a spin-off from Cyberlink the world’s leading consumer multimedia software company, Perfect Corp. brings years of technical expertise to create the premier online destination for beauty lovers around the world through our apps YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect. Our engineers and beauty aficionados work passionately each day to transform how consumers, content creators and beauty brands interact.

Q: What does Perfect Corp. do really well and how can brands best leverage it?

A: The Perfect Corp. family of apps makes experimenting with makeup and beauty both exciting and hassle free. The exact shade of lipstick you applied to your photo now translates to a real lipstick product that you can purchase. Our award winning YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect apps remove the barrier of product trials as the extensive variety of products on the market is now accessible to everyone with a mobile device. Our apps offer the most precise facial recognition technology available for a true-to-life user experience. Additionally, the apps provide the most extensive collection of beauty, makeup, and fashion features available in a single download.

The Perfect Corp. beauty ecosystem brings tremendous opportunities to makeup and beauty brands. Brands who work with YouCam Makeup can offer their customers a chance to virtually test out and purchase their products from any location. YouCam Makeup also partners with cosmetic and beauty partners to create one-of-a-kind targeted promotions, to share complete makeup looks, to introduce new products, or to provide real-time virtual makeup trials at in-store events. The in-app social community Beauty Circle also opens the door for brands to interact with beauty lovers and to excite millions of potential new customers.

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Q: What is YouCam Makeup?

A: YouCam Makeup is the number one makeover app on the market that allows users to try on true-to-life makeup products, different styles, and one-touch looks in real-time or on their own selfies photos. Beauty lovers across the globe can enhance their images with our wide range of beauty tools and even virtually “try on” newly released products from their favorite cosmetic brands. YouCam Makeup has recently added hair coloring, hair styles and accessories to the app for even more creative options.

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Q: How is the response to YouCam Makeup so far?

A: Perfect Corp. has been overwhelmed and honored by the beauty community’s enthusiastic support of our apps thus far. YouCam Makeup was even selected as the App of the Year winner for the 2015 Appy Awards in the Fashion & Apparels category. Our users not only love our app (just check our ratings!) but they are also highly engaged, often using it multiple times per week to explore new features and share content. With the addition of the Beauty Circle social network to YouCam Makeup, our average session is nearing two minutes, a benchmark similar to your typical social media session.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We see this as just the beginning of a new era of beauty in which the great diversity of personal expression is accessible to everyone with a mobile device. Perfect Corp. and YouCam Makeup’s mission is to create a fluid environment where individuals can express themselves, interact with fellow fashionistas, and instantly access the latest news about fashion, makeup, and beauty. Moreover, as we build the world’s largest social beauty platform, we see huge potential for the millions of app users to also reflect their desires back to designers and brands for a more intimate creator/consumer relationship. We invite beauty brands and publications to connect with us at to learn how they can become part of the transformation.

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