SDigitalOcean – cloud hosting, built for startups and developers; Helping startups take their ideas to the next level! Raises $16 Million To Deliver Scalable Network Virtualization To Network Builders

Listen to this article has recently announced a $16 million series A round of funding to continue the development of RIFT.ware, the company’s open source network virtualization platform. Below is our interview with George Hamilton, Vice President of Product Marketing at


Q: What is your core competence? Tell us something more about your product?

A: RIFT.ware is the industry’s first open source, hyperscale, NFV platform that simplifies the development, deployment and management of Web-scale virtual network functions, services, and applications. Network applications and VNFs built with RIFT.ware combine the economics and scale of hyperscale data centers with the security and availability of carrier-grade network services. As an open source platform, RIFT.ware will eliminate vendor lock-in and support any network application on any cloud at any scale.

Q: Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: There are four main customer segments including ecosystem partners/VNF builders, telecom/cable operators, IoT cloud service providers/SaaS ISVs, and public cloud service providers.

Our focus will be on Ecosystem partners – these are network service and VNF builders that are either migrating physical network appliances to a software-based solution or creating new, software and cloud-based virtual network solutions. They, in turn, market their solutions to enterprises, service providers, telecoms or cable operators.

We will also prioritize Telco/Cable operators that have strategic initiatives to adopt NFV. We also believe that in the long term, IoT Cloud service providers and web-centric enterprises or software firms that market cloud solutions in support of mobile and IoT-centric applications and services will be a large opportunity.

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Q: You’ve recently announced $16 Million In Series A funding, tell us something more?

A: brings together people with many years of experience in building highly scalable wireless and networking appliances. We have leveraged this experience and combined it with the latest cloud technologies to enable other networking suppliers to build highly scalable virtual network functions on COTS. It is our aim to benefit both networking suppliers and service providers.

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Q: Is there anything that set apart from similar companies?

A: A unique attribute of is the people. No one has more experience with wireless networking, subscriber management, security, etc. The founders built today’s modern wireless networks. Combine that with experience leaders from the cloud and enterprise softer industries and you have a tremendous team with deep understanding of cloud infrastructure, software, networking and wireless.

There are three unique solution differentiators:
RIFT.ware is truly open source. Other vendors claim to be “open” but only support a few open source components and are pursuing another way of locking customers into a proprietary platform or “Walled Garden” of limited “certified” VNFs and applications. RIFT.ware was developed from the start as an open source platform that will support interoperability among heterogeneous, 3rd party network functions and give customers the choice of running their virtual network services on any cloud platform.
Hyperscale – only RIFT.ware has the ability to start with a single virtual network function on a single VM and scale to 100s and 1000s of VMs distributed across sites while maintaining consistent state and carrier-class availability.
Future proof architecture – RIFT.ware insulates the virtual network functions and services from the complexity and rapid changes that occur at the physical network and cloud infrastructure level. Even if you start with just a single VM, RIFT.ware will grow with you as you expand to multiple VMs and eventually multiple sites and massive scale – no rip and replace as your virtual network services expand and scale.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Our immediate goal is to publish open source software and deliver a commercial version of RIFT.war by the end of the year. We are also focusing on attracting an ecosystem of solution builders to our platform.

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