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SafeBytes Anti-Virus Combines Comprehensive Protection, Security And Lightweight Functionality

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SafeBytes Software Inc. is a Windows PC utility software company specializing in user tools for computer security and management. SafeBytes Anti-Virus is the newest of the three products SafeBytes currently sells and combines both comprehensive protection and security with simplistic ease of use and lightweight functionality. Below is our interview with Seth Hornby from


Q: Could you tell us something more about the company and your core competence?

A: With the myriad computer errors and problems that occur in our rapidly changing word, coupled with the high costs of tech support, SafeBytes strives to provide customers with affordable, easy to use tools that effectively solve common issues without the need to hire professional assistance or lose valuable time to PC outages. Our company, being internationally based with an entirely remote staff, pride ourselves on being quick and responsive to changing demands in the PC utility marketplace and believe our core competency to be agility with our development projects.

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Q: You’ve recently attained Gold Application Development Partner status in the Microsoft Partner Program; tell us something more?

A: Earning the Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner status is a great accomplishment for SafeBytes. Given the strict and difficult to attain requisites of the program, the Gold Application Development Partner status is one that in the software industry represents a major differentiating factor in terms of company reputation. For a company founded in 2013, this credential represents a prominent step forward in terms of legitimacy and brand power. SafeBytes hopes to leverage this new status further to attract new talent in hiring, as well as broker partnerships with major companies in the industry to continue our rapid growth.


Q: Could you explain the most prominent advantages of your anti-virus?

A: SafeBytes Anti-Virus is the newest of the three products SafeBytes currently sells. With this product our aim was to create something that combined both comprehensive protection and security with simplistic ease of use and lightweight functionality. In this niche we felt most other products were either insufficient in their protection, or intrusively lagging users’ machines while constantly bombarding them with excessive alerts and disabling legitimate programs. SafeBytes Anti-Virus offers robust threat protection with a minimal footprint on PC resources during operation. Being new to market, we expect this product’s capabilities to become even more robust in the coming months. SafeBytes Anti-Virus protection is available for as low as $6.00 USD when paired with DriverAssist.

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Q: What are main benefits of using your DriverAssist?

A: DriverAssist is SafeBytes’ flagship program and top seller. It represents major value to the consumer by automatically detecting outdated devices and updating their drivers to the latest compatible version based upon their system specifications. The primary advantages to DriverAssist, are its ease of use, along with advanced proprietary driver matching algorithms. We utilize advanced techniques to automatically install drivers and bypass optional bundled installs and bloatware for the customer, making the process much cleaner than our competitors. In addition, DriverAssist incorporates cloud based crowd sourced databases to determine best matched drivers, providing superior levels of driver stability that cannot be accomplished via Windows Update or even manufacturer’s own websites and tools.

We believe DriverAssist has something for everyone. For the tech novices, it takes the confusion out of drivers, and eliminates the risk of inadvertently breaking their PCs. For advanced users, DriverAssist saves a lot of time and eliminates hassle, giving one less thing to worry about. DriverAssist is our #1 product thanks to its ease of use and effectiveness – enjoyed by customers of all ages and skill levels.

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Q: What can we expect from SafeBytes Software in the future?

A: SafeBytes anticipates a significant increase in market share, fueled by DriverAssist’s already growing popularity and an increase in advertising presence over the coming months. In terms of additional products and technologies, SafeBytes is in the process of exploring opportunities in the peer-to-peer communication realm, in order to appeal to a different range of users and provide solutions not currently met by the companies in this market.

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