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Singletree Technologies – Software Solutions Users Love As Much As Their Spreadsheets

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Singletree Technologies is a software and consulting company that focuses on streamlining the business processes while giving I.T. extreme flexibility. Below is our recent interview with Vincent Candela. Vincent is the President of Singletree Technologies and he is in charge of daily operations as well as partnership management.


Q: What’s the best thing about Singletree Technologies that people might not know about?

A: Singletree Technologies was founded to serve the apparel market, since this is the background of the owners. However, we very quickly realized that the business problems we solve with our software were in almost all industries. So although many of our customers are apparel companies, we have also started marketing to companies in several other industries. The reception has been very good thus far.

Q: Singletree Technologies is a software and consulting company, what is your focus?

A: Our focus is on the software side of the equation. We do handle pure consulting projects which help us keep our finger on the pulse of the latest business challenges, but software is still our bread and butter. Whether it is software or consulting, our main focus is to streamline the end user’s work experience while giving I.T. extreme flexibility.

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Q: Your application Intellimas replaces spreadsheets; what are main benefits for the users?

A: We are big fans of spreadsheets, but not for critical business functions. Intellimas has the look and feel of a spreadsheet but it’s a real application, with a back end database and configuration engine. Therefore the data is backed up daily and many standardized reports can be created against it. Intellimas has a proprietary way of retrieving master data from enterprise systems which eliminates the typical re-keying and syncing of data that occurs in spreadsheets. Intellimas is a true multi-user application which is critical when collaborating internally or with global partners. We have all seen the nightmares of business teams trying to determine which version of a spreadsheet is the correct one. Most importantly, Intellimas is set up with standard configuration which lends itself to a standardized, corporate process. Spreadsheets are very ad-hoc in nature so they are not part of a streamlined workflow.

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Q: Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: Our best customer recognizes that an enterprise system cannot handle every possible function with efficiency. Enterprise systems are usually form based which works well for many functions. However, some business processes truly require a grid where you can edit many records at a time, copy and paste data, and easily view historical data for comparison purposes. Our ideal customers recognize that Intellimas helps them protect and extend the investment of their enterprise system. They have the vision to foresee the quick payback of a streamlined workflow, which ultimately results in speed to market.

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Q: What can we expect from Singletree Technologies in next six months?

A: As we move into different industries we expect to add new features to Intellimas that will assist these companies and help them streamline their business processes even further. We are working on finalizing our browser UI which will give us platform independence and provide much more flexibility for our customers. We will continue to enhance our reporting application as well which allows our customers to create unlimited reports against Intellimas or the other business systems.

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