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Social Streamer Community Delivers Tools And Resources To Help Gamers Engage With Each Other And Their Viewers

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Below is our recent interview with Yon Hardisty from

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe

A: is best described as a Social Streamer community.

We provide services, tools and resources that help gamers network and engage with each other and their viewers. The community is a completely organic space that seeks to encourage member networking, engagement and support. We work hard to provide a community space where Streamers can connect with one another and help lift each other up. We believe that the best kind of brand growth happens when real humans find it easier to connect and engage with each other.

Recent years have seen a plague of companies that seek to enhance Streamer channels through algorithms and purchasable audiences. At Binx, we stand in complete opposition to that path. It is our experience that bought audiences are fleeting, dangerous and do nothing to lift everyone together. At, we keep it human. We keep it focused on real human support and networking. Providing organic engagement is our guiding light.

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Q: What are the benefits of becoming a member?

A: As a community, we pride ourselves on there being layers upon layers of shared benefits. However, three main benefits leap to mind:

· Community. Becoming a member is free, simple and immediately gives you access to some of the most amazing Streamers found anywhere on earth. We believe in the power of organic networking and encourage every member to reach out and take advantage of the expertise their fellow members bring to the game.
· Features. Members gain immediate access to all our networking features. All of which are designed to enhance connections between members. Providing tools for Streamers to engage and promote their channels with other people all over the world. Members are welcome to specialize their service selections at will. Creating a space for themselves to stand out and support their community how they see fit.
· Discounts. Members are granted 24/7 access to Binx sponsored marketplaces that offer steep discounts on Steam game keys, free games for BinxCoins and daily raffle offering where members can share games at amazing deals. With the vast majority of games offered by Indie game development and publishing houses. Binx is building an ecosystem designed especially for (and by) Streamers. One that is always breathing, learning and growing.

Q: What makes you stand out from your competition?

A: The wonderful thing about being a community first and a business second, is that we get to look upon every possible competitor as a better partner.

We take great pleasure in being generalists. Providing a little bit of every kind of service our members ask for. Yet, we are realists and know full well that there are many companies out there who specialize far better than we do. We invite those “competitors” to work with us and see how we might all work together in raising the bar on the services every Streamer wants. We have even been known to sunset services once finding a partner who can better serve our members than we might.

Our largest competitive advantage is in our willingness to listen, grow and learn from our members. Everyone on the team comes from (and still works in) the Indie game development world. We are a scrappy group and have built all of the technology from scratch. A position that allows us the freedom to be very responsive and flexible.

At the core of it all, we stand out because 69+ thousand members say we do. Members who represent 12.3+ million viewers. Members whom we are completely dedicated too.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using

A: I would invite readers to reach out to our members directly. Seek them out on discord or connect with them on They are the community’s best ambassadors and will speak with complete candor.

Beyond that, I would invite readers to simply come and try the community. There is no commitment, no long-term requirements and membership is free.

We do share more details on our support website. With detailed explanations of the network services offered, one click access to all the support channels and information on special events surrounding the community.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Our future plans include the expansion of our supported streaming platform partners as well as doubling down on the publishing of new crowd-play games. has been an amazing partner to our community for the past five years and we intend to honor them long into the future. However, the streaming world is in constant growth and the team sees that we can really expand our members worlds by supporting more platform partners as well. Work is being done to provide support in early 2020 and we anticipate returning to Youtube at some point. With Facebook gaming options in research as well.

Our crowd-play family of games now include the popular “Crash’em Derby”, “Doodle What?!”, “Spin2Win” and “Zombies vs. Humans”. All game offerings are being received very well by the community and utilized as networking services in and of themselves. The team see these games as the perfect synergy of Indie gaming and engagement service. We will be enhancing existing games and releasing new games well into the next few years.

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