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Startup Contatta – The World’s Only Collaborative Email

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Contatta is a complete reimagining of what email should be. Shared contacts, tasks, files and collaboration tools are built right into your email, the center of where you spend your day. Our recent interview below is with Adam Ross Co-Founder of Contatta:

Adam RossQ: For those who have never heard of it, how would you describe Contatta?

A: Contatta is the next generation inbox, and already has proven to decrease email by up to 60 percent which means people spend less time in email and more time collaborating and working. We believe Contatta is the first reimagining of corporate email in more than 20 years; in fact, we say it’s the world’s only collaborative email. Here’s why Contatta and the resulting shift in how people use their email is so important:

Today, people spend 25 percent of their work week trying to force email to do things it was never meant to do. For example: We mark emails un-read or we send emails to ourselves to remind us to take action. We behave this way because the way we work has changed dramatically over the last 20 years, but email hasn’t. The result is a bloated inbox where we use email to manage our tasks, files, contacts and overall time. Considering that 63 percent of work emails are internal and come from our coworkers, the reply-alls, forwards and meeting requests all add up to more time “zero-inboxing” and less time working.

Contatta takes work efficiency to a new level: shared contacts, tasks, files and collaboration tools are built right into your email, the center of where you spend your day. The end result: you and your team spend less time in the inbox, and more time on activities that move your business forward.


Q: How long did it take to put it together and what was the most challenging part?

A: Pat Sullivan, Patrick Sullivan and I (Adam Ross) met in 2011 to discuss solving the overall communication overload we all face today. At first we created Contatta to be a CRM solution and we raised $3.15M in seed financing to develop this vision. However, on January 10, 2013 we all decided that CRM itself is a broken concept and completely halted all product development. This is a monumental moment considering that we have more than 60 years of CRM experience among them, and Pat himself is considered to be the “CRM Godfather” because he was behind both ACT! and SalesLogix. We realized that none of us actually use a CRM anymore and were using email as a contact manager, task manager, file manager and collaboration platform. So, we pivoted and decided to wake up and shake up email – a technology that hasn’t changed in its 20 years of existence.


Q: How do you see future of Contatta? What are your plans?

A: There are more than 900M corporate email users worldwide and Contatta plans to tackle this market by focusing on a group where time and efficiency matter the most – small businesses with 10-100 employees. Currently, Contatta is running its public beta with its general availability offer due to come out later in 2014, and anyone interested in testing out Contatta can visit our website for more details.


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