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The CCWC Network Corp – Helps Entrepreneurs Get Their Startups Off The Ground Through Special Social Events And Online Branding

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Established in 2012, The CCWC Network Corp. was founded by Corhinn Brunot whose information systems background motivated her to create a business focused on technology. Her vision was to help entrepreneurs get their startups off the ground through special social events and online branding it has evolved to providing services to small businesses enhancing their corporate image through web design and social media management. Below is our recent interview with Corhinn Brunot, President of CCWC Network Corp:

Corhinn Brunot

Q: Corhinn, tell us something more about your history and desire to help entrepreneurs?

A: Throughout the past 6 years we’ve helped countless entrepreneurs create and maintain a digital footprint that would permit them to acquire more clients online and offline.

Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: Our motto is to always listen to your needs and exceed your expectations:

WEB DESIGN: We create interactive, modern, eye-catching websites. We are passionate about helping businesses improve their online user experience and therefore generate more traffic to their website and increase online sales.

LOGO AND GRAPHIC DESIGN: Your logo is your identity. We make sure to reflect who you are and what you represent through a unique emblem.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT: We take away the stress of constantly researching what to post and keeping your social media relevant. Keep your audience engaged with your company through our social media management services

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE: Keeping your site secure and up to date is an essential part of your business growth.

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Q: Why is website maintenance so important?

A: Maybe you are wondering why you should pay someone to keep an eye on your website. Well if you have a WordPress website for example, understand that you can’t just build it and leave it to the wolves (hackers that is). These are a few reasons why you should use this service:

#1 You need to constantly back up your files: If anything were to happen to your website, you must have a way to bring it back up after cleaning it up. Codes change constantly and God forbid your website gets broken because of a faulty code. WordPress has excellent plugins to make that happen and we know just the one to install on your website

#2 Securing your WordPress website from hackers. it’s a dreadful feeling finding out that you’ve done all this work and to suddenly lose your site to a hacker. Security is key inside and out.

#3 Keep an eye or code updates. WordPress uses plugins and themes that codes need to be updated on a regular basis. Moreover, you must know how to update them and remove them just in case the codes are not compatible with your site and adjust accordingly.

#4 Keeping your site updated with new content is not only beneficial for your readers and clients but also for search engines crawling your site. Fresh content keeps your site relevant and credible.

There are many more reasons why you should keep your website updated but these are the most important ones.

We offer this service at a very affordable rate so there is no reason why you shouldn’t opt in to get it.

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Q: What makes you stand out from your competition?

A: What makes us different is the personal touch. We make sure that each of our clients have the personal attention that they require, each business is different therefore require individualized attention. We offer free consultations where we listen to your needs and offer realistic customized solutions to tailored to your business. We are right here with you through your business growth journey. If you succeed, we succeed!

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are currently on our way to becoming an online agency, the goal is to double our numbers this year and being able to acquire more satisfied clients.

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