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1TRYBE – An Innovative Millennial Platform Fostering Offline Engagement In The Communities Where They Live And Work

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Below is our recent interview with Ed Silansky, the Founder of 1TRYBE:

Ed Silansky

Q: Ed, can you tell us something more about your platform and patent pending artificial intelligence technology?

A: 1TRYBE is an innovative millennial platform fostering offline engagement in the communities where they live and work. Combining patent pending artificial intelligence technology, psychology and anthropology, 1TRYBE leverages the power of human belonging, rewards relationship building, encourages meaningful community connections and in doing so, makes lives better.

Q: Can you speak to why you are doing this?

A: For too long our millennial generation have used a false reality, social media, to create a virtual world where they spend hours every day, and what they will tell you is that this existence is less than satisfying. I remember a time when we knew all our neighbors and all the shopkeepers by name, where friends and strangers came together to help one another or to take on a local cause and make it better. From that “goodwill act,” we changed lives and made good friends and together we made where we lived better. That is what 1TRYBE seeks to do and AI is the tool that allows it to happen– in real time.

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Q: There is so much talk of AI today. What is your vision for the role it will play in our society?

A: What I saw in AI about 3 years ago was a profound, disruptive technology that when the tools were developed, much like with the PC, it will allow the user to have easy access to what it can do. It will impact nearly every aspect of life and do so in real time. The forecasts for the global AI market claim it will be a $90 billion market by 2025 from about $5 billion last year. My guess is that it will be 50% more than that, and when they figure out how to deliver user-specific content on a wide scale, the upside is limitless. what is constant through this is what drives value. it is not the device, it is not the delivery system, it is the content that drives value and drives learning. There are not too many still around that were a part of the conversion from mainframes and punch cards to PC’s that were finally standards driven with software and operating systems so PC’s and their derivatives became commodities and nearly all could afford one and most needed one to function. I was around and working during all of these sea change events and saw how things changed and why. What evolved was not the device itself that was valuable, it was the content they could deliver that created value so software became the delivery system that enabled us to learn, work smarter and communicate. The mobile phone was the next disruptive technology and what drives it still today is the content it can deliver. It matters not which device as it is also a commodity, but the content one can consume from their device that matters to the user.

Q: How exactly does your platform work?

A: We empower human connection through AI. 1TRYBE is designed to inspire and engage millennials to ‘take root’ in their communities. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, 1TRYBE empowers people to live local: see more, do more, and make a difference.

What we seek to do at 1TRYBE is really pretty simple and was designed for a precise purpose: to reconnect those who are beginning to assume leadership across the globe–the millennial generation–first to connect one to another in a real sense, not an electronic or virtual one, to build relationships locally and in doing so, allow those now connected to impact where they work, live and learn.

We produce content of precise topics meaningful to a local community and of interest to our audience that brings them together physically to make a difference and use that content to help people learn how to live more meaningful lives. AI powers this ability and we have a whole team of millennials working to make this AI App better.

Q: You’ve recently announced the selection of Mutual Mobile as your development partner for the US launch of a new patent-pending AI-driven platform; could you tell us something more?

A: Like our new digital partner Mutual Mobile, we take pride in having people and building teams who can think about the digital and physical worlds together. When we bring these two pieces together, that’s when we are able to effectively connect humanity through AI and be the conduit of major change for this next great generation.

Mutual Mobile founder John Arrow often speaks of the Bits & Atoms approach that unites the physical and digital worlds. We believe that our partners: Clearstream Agency, Mutual Mobile and our AI provider, who is yet to be announced will be the trifecta powerhouse that will communicate the promise of our emerging tech and will deliver business results that hit KPIs.

Q: What are your clients saying about you?

A: We are just about to launch in the US, but what I can tell you is the target market is starving for a solution like what we are offering. We have a team of passionate millennials transforming this from an App into a Movement. Here is a sample of what they are saying:

‘1TRYBE is about finding value in real people, in face to face relationships and in community. Helping to shoulder one another’s burdens and share in each other’s triumphs. 1TRYBE strives to utilize the technology we love and rely on to connect us in reality and make our journey here one we can be proud of.’
– Erika Mull, 1TRYBE member

‘We are all searching for meaning in this world. Social Media often makes me feel depleted and disappointed in the world around me. However, I see 1TRYBE actively making real changes in this world, truly connecting a generation for good and bringing happiness into our local communities.’
– Sarah Harrington, 1TRYBE member

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Our vision is to connect humanity through data, and my role here is simple. I am but a mentor to those now working to make 1TRYBE better, and to keep writing patents as I learn from them so what we have created gets better and has a greater impact. If I can help us get back to those things that matter locally by using AI as the tool and begin to reignite the human spirit of helping one another, then as they say, job well done.

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