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Think Certification Think Star! – Star Certification LLC, Unfolding A New Era Of Certification World

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IT Industry as a whole is experiencing a transitioning phase and moving from its conventional to most innovative models and so as the requirement of the workforce from Industry. The newer technologies are bursting onto the scene , promising to shake up how Enterprises and Talent navigate their way through innumerable aspects of life and work. In the endeavor to support this transition Star Certification is committed to provide Vendor- Neutral Certification Courses in the field of InfoSec, Software and Disruptive Technology across the Career Arc which add value to individuals, organizations, and society at large enabling them to be the source of competitive advantage and prosper in the VUCA world.

Below is our recent interview with Dr. R Kherani, Founder and President at Star Certification:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Star Certification?

RK: Star Certification is one of the largest programming language, cyber security and disruptive technology certification body in the world, established in Sept. 2016, headquartered at California, USA. It offers revolutionary vendor-neutral IT certifications, specialized in open-source technologies. Star Certification is the only Certification body managed by an India Business Entrepreneur having its registered office in Silicon Valley of the world, USA. Star is ANSI members and the courses are NICCS recognized.

Star Certification has a rare privilege of being the first global IT Certification Body in the World to offer programs and certifications in some core and niche categories of the Information Technology domain.

Some of our Certifications that have become certification-bywords in the industry which include Ethical Hacking Expert (EHE), Star Python Programing, Star Certified DevOps Expert ( SCDE) and Star Expert IoT Specialist (SEIS) etc.

Q: What is the Value of Star Certification?

RK: As I mentioned, Star Certification is ANSI member and all courses are endorsed by NICCS ( both USA bodies) The curriculum are designed looking at both Academic as well as Industry requirement . The JTA (Job Task Analysis) is done for all our Certification programs to enhance scope for employability. The test being Proctored and conducted on Third party portal makes the Validation of Certification Exam more authentic. Basically we at Star Certification follows SOPs (standard operating procedures) of the Certification Industry.

There has been mushrooming of Vendors selling Certificates under the garb of Certifications, we as a Global Certification Body, understand the lack of knowledge among aspirants to differentiate between Certificate and Certification. Aspirants needs to understand that just by adding the word Global or Council in the name the Certification does not become Global, one needs to adhere to standard global operating procedures to become one. So people should see from this parlance rather than evaluating the Company by origin of its ownership/Management. Has this not been true Global Companies like Microsoft, Google, and Adobe should not have been considered Global.

Q: How exactly does your certification process work?

RK: The CBT Exam is a Proctored Exam conducted on third party Portal ( AEPTC) for ensuring the authenticity. The user experience is world class and the candidate gets to know the outcome of the Test immediately after submitting the Exam.

As far as training of the Certification is concerned it can be taken as a standalone course in online learning mode on LMS of Star Certification alternatively the training of the courses can be done in
ILT ( Instructor lead Training ) mode through our wide range of partners present across the globe.
More details about the courses and modus operandi can be viewed at our website.

Q: What types of certifications can be gained on your platform?


Presently, we have 34 live courses and Certifications. To enhance our offerings we will have 40+ courses under the Star’s umbrella by end of Aug 2019.

Software Domain offers course related to programing languages like Python, C, C++, R Prog and Android etc which are popular with both Academics as well as Enterprise audiences.

Cyber domain offers courses right from Basic Cyber Sanitation course namely SCSU (Star Cyber Secure User) to Penetration Testing and Computer /Mobile Forensics. Other popular courses in this domain are Ethical Hacking Expert and Technology specific Security course which Star certification has pioneered like AI- Security, IoT – Security etc.

Disruptive Technology Domain have courses on latest technologies which are in big demand in the job market. Our deep penetration is also in this Domain to lead the market. Our current offering in this this domain includes certification on courses like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Devops, IoT, Data Science, Devsecops, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, Robotics etc. one can visit the url for more details on our offerings

Q: Why is now the time for a solution like Star Certification?

RK: IT is one of the industry which is very dynamic in terms of changes, every now and then there comes a new Technology which brings disruption in working structure, rapid automation and data-driven approach has necessitated to update business models dynamically. Technologies like AI, ML, Robotics, Analytics, Could Computing etc. has changed the way business was being operated few years back. The Industry needs certified /trained people to manage this dynamism, alternatively the existing professional or new workforce also needs learning resources to upscale and get their skills Validated. Hence a vendor –neutral certification body named Star Certification helps these organizations and workforce to achieve their objectives of learning and validating the skills.

Q: What can we expect from Star Certification in the future?

RK: As we know the current market size of IT Industry is going to be $5 Trillion soon which is increasing @ 4% CAG, looking at the growth and increasing GAP in demand and supply in new job Roles, we‘re continuously coming up with new courses to train/certify workforce to meet the global demand, so this is what we are doing and will continue to do. The other part which we look forward to do down the line few years is” Become the Partner of Choice “of Information Technology OEMs in Certification Domain. Since amount of efforts and resources required to develop the complete eco-system for Certification Body is huge, so we look forward to OEMs like CISCO, Microsoft, Citrix, VM Ware , Oracle, IBM, Red Hat, AWS etc.. to partner us for managing their end to end solutions for Certification and other learning requirement, as we are well equipped and poses Robust capabilities to develop and cater to changing market needs/demand.

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