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Transparent By Jessica Rich Proved That The Signature Aesthetic Can Be Translated Across Multiple Categories

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Below is our recent interview with Jessica Rich, CEO of Jessica Rich Collection:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Jessica Rich Collection?

A: Each design reflects my personal style which is definitely daring, sexy and sophisticated. The goal is to provide customers with a million dollar look without the hefty price tag.

Since launching online in early 2015, Jessica Rich Collection has been worn regularly by high profile celebrities including the Kardashian sisters, Ashanti, Blac Chyna, Jennifer Lopez and more.

My original offerings included mostly dresses, jumpsuits and suit sets. However, in late 2017, I debuted my first line of shoes, Transparent by Jessica Rich, which has been wildly successful and proved that my signature aesthetic can be translated across multiple categories. The intent behind my clear, see-through footwear is that it can be paired with anything and everything, giving the customer versatility and once again saving them money without sacrificing style. I am pleased to say that I found the balance between modern design and fine craftsmanship, because my footwear is stylish yet wearable. The ‘Fancy Stiletto’ is my signature style and has quickly risen to must-have status by top influencers across the globe.

Most recently, the first Jessica Rich Collection brick and mortar location opened this past July on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles. We have truly created an in-store experience and I love meeting my customers when im there time to time.

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Q: Jessica, tell us more about your background. What made you start your own collection(s)?

A: Starting my own business was never something I planned on doing. I was on a popular reality television series back in 2010, and from that exposure I was able to launch my own jewelry line, which I did for the purpose of giving my fans something to purchase from me. It was not very profitable, so I tucked it under the rug. I then began helping my friends, who had clothing brands, receive exposure through the celebrity connections that I had built over the past 10 years. Everyone thought these lines were mine, because I was the main person in front getting the brand to the next level. Finally, one day I said to myself, I need to do what I’m doing, but for myself! And that is how Jessica Rich Collection was born.

Q: What makes your designs stand out?

A: I am the only major brand, other than Yeezy, who branched off and did all clear styles. When I started designing shoes, PVC had just started being used but there weren’t a lot of styles, so I simply started creating what I wasn’t seeing. For example, I have always been totally obsessed with the iconic silhouette of my ‘Fancy Stilettos’, but I had never seen it clear. From there, I continued only releasing innovative and original styles with a consistent clear aesthetic.

Q: In late 2017 you’ve announced your first line of shoes; could you tell us something more?

A: When my clothing sales started to drop in 2017, I was convinced it was due cheaper Online stores with same styles was a new, cheaper shopping destination, so I pivoted and created my own lane that didn’t exist rather than try to keep up with such low clothing price points.

And wow, it has been a hell of a year for my Transparent by Jessica Rich line. JLo recently wore my original ‘Fancy Stilettos’ paired with a skintight blouse and leggings from the Versace Pre-Fall 2018 collection to the 2018 AMAs, which was absolutely amazing! As well as having Vogue mention me in an article was extremely validating.

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Q: As a successful entrepreneur what are the biggest lessons you’ve learnt so far?

A: When demand is high and each pair is handmade, we try our best to keep product in stock, but it often seems impossible. At times, I have triple sold out 10 times over my projections which keeps my product on a 3-4 week pre-order. Our shoes take one Month to finish 500 pairs. In the age of Amazon, customers want product within a few days of purchase. We are working hard to resolve this.

Q: What are your plans moving forward?

A: I have released a total of 20 shoes thus far and I am about to drop five more styles within the next few months. My entire collection for 2018 is complete, however is it important to find the right time to release each one. So many stores have copied my designs and are always waiting to see what I do next. I like to keep them watching and waiting, but their problem is that I am the only Jessica Rich, and my lane cannot be duplicated. XOXO

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