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Treepodia Is Transforming Brands With Tailored Video Marketing Solutions

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Treepodia aims to help brands grow, improve their image and attract more customers through customized video marketing strategies. By using different methods of video ad delivery the company has successfully helped hundreds of clients globally. Below is our interview with Sarah Nochimowski, Marketing Director at Treepodia:

Q: Sarah, could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Treepodia?

A: Treepodia was founded in 2007, and we originally started as a video production company. As we grew, we realized that there was a huge need for video, but that video production was limited by time, cost and resources. We heavily invested in R&D to create a unique technology that enables the mass production of videos, while simultaneously personalizing them. Today we work with more than 300 clients such as AIG, American Express, Mitsubishi, EL AL, Zalando and 888 Holdings. We have created more than 500M videos for them.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your services?

A: We offer personalized video marketing solutions for each step of the customer journey. To explain, let’s take a jewelry website as an example.

Visitors come to this website and browse through the products. They look at the photos, the descriptions, the reviews, etc. We can turn all of this effort into attractive product videos for each of the website’s products. These videos are the closest things to real sales people, and dramatically increase website conversions. In addition, we can have these videos fully indexed by Google, which boosts the website’s SEO.

Let’s say that even with our beautiful product videos, the visitor doesn’t purchase the dream necklace she was admiring. This brings us to the second stage of the customer journey. We will retarget her with dynamic video ads via Facebook, Google GDN or YouTube pre-rolls of the same necklace. This is like a personalized TV ad following her on the web.

The last step—loyalty and recurring purchases — is when the visitor finally becomes a client. We then talk to her directly through personalized loyalty videos, by wishing her a happy birthday, a happy new year, offering her products that are similar or match the necklace she bought, and remind her of sales and promotions that are tailored to her needs. These strategies achieve the main objective, which is to create and maintain a great relationship with a happy client.

I’ve given you an e-commerce example, but bear in mind that our personalized videos can be used in many businesses. One popular application is the personalized video bill for a telecom operator for example. The video provides support to a call center and explains the details of a user’s bill.

Q: You’ve recently announced the results of your research and analysis on dynamic video retargeting; tell us something more?

A: Dynamic video retargeting in-and-of-itself is a very exciting development. Just imagine that we are combining the right product with the right person at the right time and with the right medium. We had such positive feedback from our clients, but we needed to quantify this feedback to fully appreciate the impact. We took two major KPIs, click-through rates and ROI, and studied the results from our dynamic video retargeting campaigns vs static retargeting, and the results were amazing: average industry increases of 74% in CTR and 49% in ROI.

The industries that mostly benefit from our service are jewelry and furniture, and it makes sense. These are high-ticket items that are not purchased on the spur of the moment, so a video reminder helps with this process.

Another major result from our study is the effect on brand image. Our dynamic retargeting pre-rolls on YouTube contribute to brand image as they are viewed 47% more than generic retargeting pre-rolls.

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Q: What are the main challenges of developing personalized video marketing solutions right now?

A: I believe that we are experiencing a huge opportunity right now. Digital video advertising is expected to grow annually by double digits, and is expected to surpass TV advertising by 2020. We also see the same trend with customer relationship management solutions. We feel that we are well positioned for this growth. Our main objective now is to be recognized as the leader in personalized video marketing.

Q: What are your plans for keeping Treepodia on the forefront of technology innovation?

A: Our R&D team is constantly developing the core technology of mass production and personalization, as well as the required interfaces with CRM systems and advertising platforms. For example, we are the only ones to offer unlimited design capabilities. We have also recently been authorized as a Google ad server provider, meaning that we can serve videos to AdWords directly from our CDN cloud. It also enables an immediate confirmation of the ads without waiting for Google’s review. This is a huge time saver for our clients and it’s crucial for travel companies, for example, since promotions change constantly. Our cutting-edge technology will continue to advance and help companies to prosper.

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