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TripCreator – A B2B, Advanced Time-Saving Itinerary Creation Platform For Travel Professionals

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Below is our recent interview with Ásgeir Fannar Ásgeirsson, CEO of TripCreator:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to TripCreator?

A: Initially, back in 2013, TripCreator was founded by Hilmar Halldorsson (now VP Product), who was planning his own trip when he found himself visiting multiple websites to make separate reservations for each individual item for his journey. He came to the point where he thought to himself that travel planning shouldn’t be this difficult – and as a result, TripCreator was initially founded to assist travelers planning their personal trips, where the different travel items (flights, accommodation, experiences…) could all be collected in one place and reserved. During the B2C period, TripCreator started to receive attention from travel professionals that wanted to use TripCreator for their businesses, – and as a result, TripCreator went into the B2B market exclusively, and has been there ever since.

TripCreator is a B2B, advanced time-saving itinerary creation platform for travel professionals, with the possibility to allow the end-customer to book his itinerary through the TripCreator Booking engine, or go as far as integrating to reservation platforms and thus, have the opportunity to automate the entire booking process from supplier to the end-customer. TripCreator also offers dynamic packaging, where the end-customer is able to customize his itinerary in the booking process, whether he wants to add pre- and/or post nights, upgrade, buy upsell products or purchase optional items. Furthermore, TripCreator focuses on product distribution through widgets and other means, as creating itineraries is a formality while distributing them is key.

Q: How does TripCreator work? What is the process from the first draft to the final itinerary?

A: TripCreator is a cloud-based SaaS (Subscription as a Service) platform with just less than one million content items available for everyone to use. On top of these one million items, the users can add their own content, or integrate to reservation systems to receive product information, live availability and pricing. The user creates itineraries in a drag and drop calendar-view planner, either from individual items or pre-saved modules, before choosing the appropriate itinerary appearance, depending on what fits the itinerary at hand. TripCreator allows the user to create as many itinerary appearances as needed, for the different travel segments he caters. The itineraries are then distributed either by sending the itineraries through TripCreator, sending itinerary links via e-mail, exporting PDF documents, by embedding them to websites with widgets, through the TripCreator Booking engine or by distributing them to online travel agencies.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your features?


  • TripCreator outputs rich, highly customizable itineraries controlled by the advanced itinerary appearance settings.
  • All content items and products are location based – and placed into itineraries based on time and date. As a result, a map/itinerary routing is generated automatically, saving the user precious time.
  • We just launched the capability of creating travel modules – it essentially means that our users can easily create modules, either full itineraries or part of itineraries and save them – and use them again for other itineraries, preventing repetitive work.
  • The TripCreator Booking engine allows the user to accept bookings from end-customers, with the option of accepting payments directly from the end-customer to the user’s chosen Payment Gateway. TripCreator does not take any commission and does not touch the user’s revenue.
  • TripCreator provides the ability of allowing the end-customers to customize their purchase in the checkout process by utilizing dynamic packaging. Thereby, the end-customer can to an extent, tailor the final version of his itinerary to his budget and liking.
  • The ability of fully automating the sales process of an itinerary from supplier to end-customer by using integrations to reservation systems. Once the end-customer confirms his booking, he receives his confirmation, his vouchers and his finalized itinerary; the user receives his payment to his Payment Gateway and all reservations are pushed into the integrated reservation systems. The automation provides an immediate response to the end-customers’ request, and the user does not need to confirm the reservations manually, as they are pushed into the correct systems automatically.
  • Customer and Supplier Management System, allowing our users to keep track of their contacts, and linking them to their itinerary projects.
  • Along with many other features, such as the ability to create itineraries across borders, different branding possibilities (both system wise and itinerary wise), multi-language support, dashboard to drive the user’s projects forward, business statistics and more.

Q: How much does it cost, and what’s included? Is there a free trial?

A: TripCreator is a software company only – we do not take any commission or booking fees, all payments go directly from the end-customer to our users. TripCreator is based on monthly user charges – and there are no long contracts or resignation periods. TripCreator is a SaaS, pay-as-you-go company.

The Basic plan costs $9 per user per month, including access to our advanced itinerary creation platform, the content management system and the just less than one million content items, the ability to save and use modules (multiple content items bundled in one item) and more.

The Plus plan starts at $70 per user per month (with a volume discount starting at 2nd user), including all features in the Basic plan plus access to the TripCreator Booking engine, content migration possibilities, customer management system, white-labeling itinerary options and more.

The Premium plan starts at $198 per user per month (with a volume discount starting at 2nd user), including all features in the Basic and Plus plans, plus automation, dynamic packaging and integration options.

All plans include access to our end-customer app, with access to the end-customer’s itinerary, with GPS navigation both online and offline.

TripCreator offers a free trial, we offer extensive onboarding assistance, one-on-one demos, we host live Webinars twice a week, offer access to help articles, help videos and all product updates are announced in-app and via e-mail. Furthermore, our higher plans include free content migration for those who contribute their content to our global ecosystem.

Custom integrations are executed for a fee, based on fixed quotations. Already-there integrations are activated for a setup cost.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Keep evolving our core product, that is, our advanced itinerary creation platform according to our customer’s needs and contributing to allowing travel professionals to automate what can be automated, reducing repetitive work, allowing companies to focus on their high yield clients.

Our aim is to allow our users to grow within TripCreator – that is, to start their journey with us in the lower plans, Basic or Plus, and grow into integrations, dynamic packaging, automation and new segments.

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