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Using Nanotechnology To Change Industry And Life As We Know It

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Graphite Corp. is a public company trading on the US OTC Market under the symbol (“GRPH”). Graphite has created a platform of portfolio companies that weave together research, capital and management to find, fund and commercialize advanced nano-material manufacturing technologies and applications. The first two portfolio companies are Tūbz, LLC and Advance Graphene, LTD. These exciting technologies will change all preconceived notions in the areas of composites, electronics, drones, computers, hydrogen storage, drug delivery, sensors, energy, aviation and transportation. Graphite Corp is currently using proprietary manufacturing techniques to create a scalable process for the production and commercialization of its first two products: graphene electrodes for use in batteries and capacitors and high-quality graphene flakes. Below is our interview with Mark Radom, from Graphite Corp:


Q: Graphite Corp aspires to become a key player in the global nanotechnology and energy storage space, tell us something more about the company?

A: The company was born out of the idea to use nanotechnology to change industry and life as we know it starting with energy storage and eventually expanding across the spectrum to encompass everything that can benefit from or be improved by nanotechnology. Luckily, we got off to an amazing start by identifying and licensing a graphene electrode technology from Dr. James Tour, one of the world’s leading electrochemists and a professor at Rice University. Our electrode technology uses the properties of graphene to increase the operative energy storage material in the electrode to the point where, for example, a smartphone with our electrode can charge from zero to full in 5-7 minutes or can last up to 3 days before having to charge. The same benefits apply to any device that uses a lithium ion battery from an electric vehicle to drones, laptops, wearables, etc. We have developed a working prototype that demonstrates this kind of performance. We are now ready to scale-up the production to the point where can consistently and inexpensively produce our electrodes for penetration into the market.

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Q: How does Graphite Corp differ from its competition?

A: To-date, the energy storage space has seen many claims of super-performance batteries in the R&D lab that fall short in scale-up – i.e., when it comes to producing those batteries on an industrial scale. A few technologies with good performance have made it out of the lab but these are expensive to produce and only work with extra equipment that makes their widespread acceptance impractical and unlikely.

Graphite Corp. is different. We have Jaim Nulman, one of the world’s leading advance material manufacturing experts, in charge of commercializing this technology. Jaim was formerly with Applied Materials where, among other things, he developed and commercialized the Endura PVD system, the most successful semiconductor manufacturing product reaching market share from 0 to 60% in less than 5 years with one of the highest gross margins in the company.

We also have secured additional IP through our co-CTOs, Vladimir Mancevski and Paul McClure, that has been shown to dramatically accelerate the speed at which our electrode operational material can be produced and, even more importantly, reduce the cost of such production to the point where we are competitive with (if not less expensive than) current electrodes.

To our knowledge, no other company in this space has comparable scale-up and advance material manufacturing expertise.

One last point – we also have the ability to produce our electrodes on off-the-shelf equipment, lights-out manufacturing basis that does not require any special features, operation or management and which further reduces cost.

We believe that this focus on world-class management with a track record of success in advance material manufacturing and use of extra IP to cover the scale-up and production process combined with our ability to produce on standard, off-the-shelf equipment with lights-out manufacturing distinguishes us from our competition in a positive way.

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Q: What problems do you see in the current nanotechnology landscape?

A: Nanotechnology has so far worked well in the lab, but has not been very successful in making it from the lab to commercialization. The reasons for this are several-fold and include mainly use of expensive equipment and manufacturing processes and loss of performance in the scale-up process. There are a lot of smart, talented people who try to commercialize nanotechnology, but it really requires a multi-disciplinary approach where the same amount of expertise, know-how and performance that underly the base technology are also present in the scale-up and manufacturing process. Again, that is where we distinguish ourselves from our competition. Not only did we identify and secure a world-class energy storage technology, but we have also secured equally world-class scale-up and manufacturing technologies and know-how.

Another problem is the many nanotechnologies are not usable in applications (e.g., smartphones, consumer electronics, etc.) without changing the design of the device or requiring extra equipment that is costly and bulky. As mentioned before, we avoid all of this with our electrode technology.

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Q: What can we expect from Graphite Corp in the future?

A: Right now and in the short to medium term, our focus will be on getting our energy storage technology into the scale-up phase and then selling it into the various markets as soon as we are producing consistently and inexpensively. Subject to our achieving certain performance milestones in our scale-up and production, we have already been selected to supply batteries with our technology to a network of data centers being opened in the United States. So, we see that we are getting traction and that the energy storage sector will experience massive growth going forward. We anticipate earning our first revenue within 15-18 months after we start our scale-up efforts. In fact, we have already identified many low-hanging industries that are an excellent fit for our technology.

Once we are selling our products and technology into the market, we will devote more time to adding new technologies to our portfolio and going through the same drill of engaging the right experts and obtaining the right IP and know-how to commercialize them.

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