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ViriCiti Aims To Expand Its Cloud-based Telematic Service Across The US

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ViriCiti improves electric vehicle operations with Cloud-based telematic service. Virciti was founded in 2012. and since then it has been specializing in combining the newest Internet technologies with electric vehicle knowledge. Below is our interview with Freek Dielissen Managing Director at ViriCiti:


Q: What is ViriCiti Route Analysis?

A: The ViriCiti Route Analysis is a feature built in our platform where operators can monitor all driven routes in detail. You can select one entire route, or just part of it, and the most important KPI’s for your vehicle(s) (such as driven distance, battery and energy usage and average consumption).

For trucks it can be used to compare different routes to each other and to see which routes use less energy and are thus more profitable. For electric buses, that are often more bound to certain routes, you can deploy the system to let vehicles explore new routes by using the available data from that route.

Q: Who are your main customers? What are the biggest benefits for the them?

A: Our customers are Fleet operators and OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) who use and manufacture electric buses and trucks. We focus on maximizing the range and lowering the costs of electric vehicles.

Our monitoring systems is capable of retrieving, sending and analyzing large amounts of data (600 parameters per 200 millisecond). This enables us to monitor a vehicle in great detail which can be used on the one hand by an OEM to analyze the technical performance of its vehicle and on the other hand by the operator to increase vehicle utilization.

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The platform consists out of real-time information about all your vehicles. By looking at your ViriCiti portal, you can see the general status of all your vehicles based on their battery usage, remaining range, energy usages, GPS position, etc.

Information about battery usage and optimization to increase your range and battery levels can be obtained by showing detailed information about one vehicle, but also allows you to compare multiple vehicles and routes with each other. All data statistics you want to select is made visible in clear graphs which can be analyzed up to milliseconds.

Due to the real-time information, our system is capable of sending automatic alerts/messages to the operator or OEM in case a critical situation occurs. These situations can be of operational nature (such as a low battery or an insufficient range) or can be more useful for the OEM or maintenance (such as unexpected battery cell temperature increase).

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Q: You’ve recently announced a $776k seed funding; what’s your next step?

A: This investment will be mainly used for international expanding and development growth. We see that the demand of our system in the USA is growing significantly. We already founded our American subsidiary to serve our customers, but we need to focus more on sales/after-sales in the States.

Consequently, to keep up with the extra demand, and the new features we want to roll out, we are expanding our (development) team.

Q: What were the main challenges you faced in developing the company?

A: The main challenge right now is scaling up the company. Monitoring 10 buses is easy, monitoring 100 buses is tricky, but if you want to scale up to a 1000 electric vehicles your framework needs to be built for this from the start. We are working hard to achieve this and we have an incredible team of engineers so I’m quite confident that we will be able to get there.

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Q: What are your growth projections for the years to come?

A: At this point, we have 300 electric buses and trucks connected to our system. By the end of next year this amount should be at least tripled. Also our team is growing and will continue to grow over the upcoming years.

Last Updated on May 3, 2017

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