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Washos Is Changing The Way People Take Care Of Their Cars

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Washos, an LA-based startup launched mid-2015 is changing the way people take care of their car. With Washos, busy executives, car enthusiasts or working parents can now have an experienced and reliable detailer at their place of their choice in a couple of hours. It helps to save valuable hours per month and keep their precious car in always a shiny shape. Washos also offers a new way to book and pay for car cleaning service. Through its proprietary iphone app or website, Washos customers can make an appointment for the same day and pay directly in the app. Currently, Washos is available in LA and Orange County but is already working on its expansion to all other cities in South California. Washos should be available everywhere in California by the end of the year. Below is our interview with Bertrand Patriarca, Founder of Washos:


Q: What is Washos?

A: Washos is an LA based startup delivering mobile car washes and detailing in a modern way. Our customers can book from our website or iPhone app and get a professional detailer at their location in 2 hours.

Q: How does it work?

A: Our main focus and wishes were to make the car wash very convenient and enjoyable. From booking to payment, customers manage everything online. It takes less than a minute to create a booking and our customers can track every step of the process directly from the app. We have also given a lot of attention to create a smooth and flawless on-site experience. We can send a detailer in 2 hours everywhere in our covered area.

Our detailers always take the time to inspect the vehicle, describe the whole process and advice on the car condition and how to maintain a perfect look.

Once the job is done, customers are invited to rate and review their experience in the app or by text. Only then, the customer is charged.

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Q: How did the idea behind Washos come about?

A: We have started to work on Washos for a year now. By this time, it was a nightmare to find someone to come at a specific location in few hours or even the next day. It was also impossible to find reliable and accurate information about mobile detailing companies. As car enthusiasts, we wanted to provide a solution which could be as simple as ordering a pizza or booking a cab but also which could guarantee the quality and the transparency on the technician the supplies and the schedule. We did not want to provide a limited car wash service. It seemed obvious to us that most of our customers would require more than a basic wash. that’s why we have offered detailing packages and options from day one.

Q: Who are your detailers and washers and how do you recruit them?

A: Washing or detailing a car requires 2 mandatory qualities: passion and experience. These are the starting point of our recruitment process. All our technicians must have years of experience in detailing. we provide a comprehensive training about the customer relations and the “Washos Experience”. We also provide supplies and equipment so all our technicians use the same techniques with the same supplies to guarantee high quality outcome and eco-responsible service.

Passion is also very important. Mobile detailing requires attention, endurance and adaptability. You can only be a good on the long run if you love what you are doing.

We currently recruit 2 to 3 new detailers per week in Los Angeles. Based on our evaluation grid, only 10% of applicants are actually enrolled in our technicians network.

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Q: Could you tell us more about your pricing plans?

A: Washos offers a simple but exhaustive menu of services.

We have 3 packages: our basic car wash, the Lavish at $29. An entry detail package, the Reveal at $89 and a full detail package, the Outright at $189.

We also offer a comprehensive list of add-ons like pet hair removal, plastic dressing, leather conditioning, headlight restoration, engine cleaning. More than 15 extras anywhere from $20 to $50. It gives a very personalized touch to each booking depending on the condition of the car.

Q: Where is currently servicing Washos? Are you working on expansion?

A: Currently, Washos is available anywhere in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Orange County. We come to any location in 2 hours. We are working on expanding Washos area to new cities in South California. San Diego will open in the first semester 2016. We also receive daily requests from other cities in the US: Dallas, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix. We plan to roll out our operations to other states later this year.

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Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: We are growing very rapidly in Los Angeles and Orange County. We are still focusing on this area as the demand is very important. Opening new cities will come very quickly in SoCal.

Washos remains a tech startup so we are going to focus a lot on improving all the software and especially our scheduling system. the objective is to reduce the delivery time and optimize the routing for our technicians to reduce their driving time.

We are also working on new services to add to our offer. Our customers trust Washos and request other type of services like minor repairs, paint correction. We want to be able to extend our range to this kind of options.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Washos?

A: Washos focus on the convenience and the quality of the service. Whether you are super busy, hate driving and wait to the car wash station, have 2 or more cars in the garage, want to offer a cool and useful perk to your employee, you should give Washos a try.

If you want to read from others: you can check our Yelp ( page to read what our customers say about us.

Washos guarantees customer satisfaction and we send one of our technician for free if anything went wrong. Washos app is also very simple and secure: Instant and online booking, integrated payment, 2 hours notice. Everything has been made to make your next car wash or detail enjoyable and hassle-free.

Last point, we are happy to give to your audience a special code to let them try our service out. They can use the code SC20 on or in the app to get $20 off on their first booking.

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