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Welcoming Creatopy: The Efficient And Intuitive Visual Production Platform

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An interview with Gabriel Ciordas, the Founder and CEO of Creatopy.

Q: What is Creatopy?

A:, previously known as Bannersnack, is the efficient and intuitive visual production platform delivering a well-crafted experience for communicators. The brand-new platform allows individuals and teams to create engaging advertising visuals for multi-channel creative mediums easily.

What started out in 2008 under the name Bannersnack was a company focusing on making banners; since then, it has steadily developed into a comprehensive design platform. We’re part of an industry where things are changing with the speed of light. Therefore we have adapted and evolved, focusing on innovation and technology. The name also had to reflect that; that’s why starting February 8, 2021, Bannersnack was upgraded to Creatopy, revealing advanced capabilities and new brand identity.

The new name reflects a merge between two words, ‘creativity’ and ‘utopia,’ and we like to think of it as the best place where creativity and innovation can meet to reach their full potential.

Creatopy is all about delivering a well-crafted creative experience, focusing on empowering communicators and teams to solve their graphic design needs, whether we’re talking about social media visuals and display ads or video content and print materials.

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Q: Who is your ideal user, and why?

A: We like to think of our ideal users as communicators, be they working on their own or part of a team, looking for a simple, fast, and automated design solution.

These visual communicators are either designers working in an agency or other professionals who need easy-to-use, customizable design solutions that enable them to create multi-channel content and get their campaigns across all mediums fast.

We also pride ourselves on helping our users simplify design processes by allowing them to bring all stakeholders on the same platform with the help of Creatopy’s advanced collaborative capabilities.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your platform?

A: Our platform delivers advanced automation and customization capabilities, along with an ever-growing library of templates and visual elements.

We facilitate communicators and teams to create at scale in order to reduce the design production down to a few clicks.

The design process can be automated, too; you simply need access to the right tools. With the help of our design generator, which keeps things consistent and on-brand, you can make full sets of static or animated banner ads within minutes.

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Q: What makes your platform different and unique?

A: I think that Creatopy stands out in the GDT (Graphic Design Tools) market because it has Bannersnack’s background in digital advertising. We are building a platform with all the right components and solutions to accommodate all our clients’ needs; this is what we started with Bannersnack and what we carry on with Creatopy.

We aim to become a comprehensive solution that replaces many other costly tools, which translates as becoming the ultimate creation hub, a gateway for accessible visual production. We noticed that many tools offer specific solutions, and what we plan on doing is covering all of them.

Creatopy also allows you to store all your designs in one place, making it easier for you to locate specific visuals by using various filters and organizing components.

Q: What can we expect from Creatopy in the next six months? What are your plans?

A: We do have big plans, and one of them is to impact the GDT market. Apart from that, we plan on growing even further, consolidating our brand and product, because we have a saying here at Creatopy—when the sky’s the limit, redesign the sky.

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