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Wick & Mortar – Branding Agency That Pushes Branding Initiatives To Help You Stand Out In The Crowd

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Below is our recent interview with Jared Mirsky, CEO & Founder at Wick & Mortar:

Jared Mirsky

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Wick & Mortar?

A: Wick & Mortar is the premier creative agency in the cannabis industry. We work with clients of all sizes and backgrounds, and help to propel the perception of cannabis forward through beautiful brands, designs, websites, and so much more.

Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: Of course. We build cannabis brands for the future. Our most popular service is Brand Identity, where we create the entire brand from scratch from name and logo all the way to the personality and tone of voice of our clients. However, we are a full-service agency, and a large portion of our business comes from website development, packaging design and sourcing, photography, and marketing, as well as a wide variety of unique creative opportunities.

We have seen and done it all in the cannabis industry: producers, processors, retailers, cannabis-focused apps, e-commerce platforms, you name it. At the end of the day, we solve creative problems and present solutions that are beautiful, innovative, and impactful at every level.

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Q: Tell us more about the work you’ve done in past. What makes your stand out?

A: Our work is rather extensive. We work with small start-up cannabis companies looking to apply for a license all the way to established billion-dollar brands such as Aurora Cannabis. We have built brands, created packaging, and launched interactive and unique websites across the board, and have clients from every medical or recreational state and country.

We stand out through our business intelligence, and I can’t emphasize that enough. I believe we have some of the best creative talents in the world, much less the industry, but creativity isn’t enough. We operate as a true partner and thought-leader on behalf of our clients.

Our leadership team is something exceptional. They come with a wide array of experiences, some within cannabis and some form traditional Fortune 500 backgrounds. It is this collaborative effort that sets our work apart. We don’t base our work on just beauty, we base it on metrics, neighboring industries, and an understanding of our client’s themselves.

When we turn assets over to a client, they don’t just look great. They are made to evoke responses and actions based on our client’s business plan and goals, and it shows in the present day success of our past clients.

Q: What is the key when it comes to building a business in an emerging industry?

A: Having a solid pulse on the industry. Cannabis is evolving faster than any other major industry in the United States, mostly because it is finally coming out of the shadows. You have a product that is in demand across the country in incredible numbers.

That level of demand brings an equal level of supply in the form of competitors, and our goal is to make sure our clients can stand out from the rest of the noise. We don’t build brands to just succeed today, we analyze where the industry will go, and find the best avenue for our client to be successful in the long run. From a product guide all the way to publicly traded company’s identities, everything we create has been carefully crafted to amplify the success of our clients.

Everyone knows the countdown timer has started for federal legalization, and the game is going to change when that happens. We create brands, campaigns, and assets for our clients that let them gain the most ground now so that when the playing field opens up across the board, every one of our clients already owns a slice of that pie.

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Q: What can we expect from Wick & Mortar in the future?

A: A lot. We already have a wide range of brands and identities across the cannabis industry, and we are just getting started. Our evolution is rapidly accelerating us into not just a cannabis branding agency, but an industry leading full-service creative agency.

We plan on growing with the industry and helping to continue to bring legitimacy to an incredible product. Every brand we create and every client we work with is an opportunity to help showcase cannabis to the public, and we take that responsibility seriously. We also recognize we can continually be more involved, and our services reflect that. From multi-state marketing campaigns to documentaries and publicly traded companies, we are continually innovating to bring new opportunities to our clients.

I don’t want to reveal too much, but 2019 will be the most impressive year for Wick & Mortar in a big, big way.

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