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Wolf-Tek – An Innovator In The Field Of Smart, Mobile GIS Apps

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Wolf-Tek is a software developer focused on mobile GIS applications for iOS and Android. The company currently holds over thirty patents and patents-pending, primarily in the realm of GIS-related technologies. Their ultimate goal is to develop products that make every day work tasks and life more streamlined. Below is our interview with Daniel Byars, assistant marketing director at Wolf-Tek:


Q: Wolf-Tek is a pioneer in the field of GIS apps, tell us something more about the company?

A: Wolf-Tek began due to the lack of mobile GIS technology within the timber industry. The CEO of Wolf-Tek, Michael Golden, who was in the timber business years ago, could not use the GIS software on his laptop out in the field like he wished. Re-surveying timber properties over and over again, while still relying on paper maps became cumbersome, so he decided to develop a mobile app that would help loggers and foresters with timber management on the go.

It was soon apparent that the app wasn’t just helpful to foresters and loggers, but also gave an edge to those in agriculture, realty, construction, oil and gas, land management, environmental, government services, and anyone else who needed mobile GIS for their business. Today, Wolf-Tek currently holds over thirty patents and patents-pending, primarily in the realm of GIS-related technologies. Our ultimate goal is to develop products that make every day work tasks and life more streamlined.

Apart from our original GIS app, we are currently working on a prototype of a GIS app-based dog collar, Dog-Lock, that will include GPS tracking, a virtual leash, and a movable geo-fence, giving users a portable virtual fence that will allow their pets to enjoy the outdoors with their owners no matter the location.

We have also developed a couple of entertainment and sports apps. The first utilizes GIS in the world of social media through Pin-Pix, our newly released geo-caching app. The next is Sidelines, a great application for coaches who like the idea of instant feedback and replay capabilities right on the sidelines in order to assist with in-game coaching and play calling.

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Q: You’ve recently announced the launch of the APEX Android version of your Wolf-GIS APEX application for mobile devices, tell us something more?

A: APEX is our flagship GIS product, now available on both iOS and Android, boasting loads of functionality. A select few of the functions include: the ability to layer maps, draw and edit, gather data remotely and then easily share the data among groups using our secure cloud repository, and legally document information with time-stamped, location-based images and notations. Best of all, APEX utilizes our patented Tract-Lock technology to effectively “lock” something inside an area of property. This area can be selected from shapefiles or drawn manually.

We are also thrilled to be incorporating the new Wolf GIS APEX app into drones. This application of APEX will allow users to document pieces of property after recent changes, such as following a timber cut or a violent storm, or to monitor assets over time. Using a drone in conjunction with APEX will grant a bird’s eye view in photos or videos of locations. Once users have completed drone flight over a location, they can easily save their film and photograph files to a secure server. As with the APEX app for mobile devices, the software for drone use will also feature Tract-Lock technology in order to “lock” your drone into a programmable airspace. This should be a great help in following FAA regulations regarding drone flight.

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Q: Could you explain the advantages of your patented Tract-Lock function?

A: Tract-Lock is essentially an alerting geo-fence. It is not just part of our APEX application, but is also a feature in our Dog-Lock dog collar. Tract-Lock allows a user to mark out an area of property and be alerted with a series of vibrations and sounds if he or she is encroaching on set boundary lines. Once the user moves away from the boundary, Tract-Lock disengages the alert system and goes silent.

A couple of examples for every day use would be to prevent loggers from mis-flagging property lines and then inadvertently culling trees from someone else’s property, or to block out sections of crops that farmers don’t wish to fertilize or cut. Once the logger or farmer approaches the Tract-Lock boundary line on their feller buncher or tractor, the alert will sound and they can continue to cut or fertilize within the correct boundary.

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Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: Our plans for the next six months are to continue to innovate and develop groundbreaking GIS-related products, as well as release regular updates to functionality on our currently available mobile applications.

In the second quarter of 2016, we aim to have a completed Wolf-Tek amphibious-type drone with dual cameras, 360-degree upper and lower. The drone will have the ability to land in water, film below water-level, as well as fly in rainy conditions. Of course, the drone will feature a unique version of pre-loaded APEX software.

Also in the second quarter, look for the release of our Dog-Lock dog collar. We are truly looking forward to the next six months and the many months of innovation ahead!

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