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Wootric Raises $2.6 Million To Boost Customer Happiness Even More

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San Francisco, CA based Wootric was founded in 2014 to create a platform that would automate the workflow of collecting feedback, extracting insights, and routing those insights to the right team to close-the-loop with the customer. Recently they’ve raised $2.6 Million Series A funding to build out the team, refine their go-to-market model and fast track their product roadmap. Below is our interview with Deepa Subramanian, CEO, Cofounder at Wootric:


Q: What is Wootric? Could you tell us Wootric’s startup story?

A: Wootric is an in-application Net Promoter Score (NPS) platform for boosting customer happiness.

We founded Wootric in 2014 after realizing that businesses struggle to manage customer feedback and are therefore faced with low customer satisfaction and loyalty. There is no solution to align a company around customer happiness: a platform that would automate the workflow of collecting feedback, extracting insights, and routing those insights to the right team to close-the-loop with the customer. Since then, our goal has been to build this turnkey platform in order to help companies effectively use customer feedback to win customers for life.

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Q: Could you please give us more insights into Wootric’s functionality?

A: We harness the power of Net Promoter Score, the one-question metric known to be rigorous and critical to every customer-facing role in the company.

Key product capabilities include:

– Real-time NPS surveys that run inside Web and native iOS/Android apps. Delivers superior response rates (up to 60%) compared to emailed surveys.
– Insights and workflows that align everyone in the company around boosting customer happiness. Product teams can run “A/B happiness” tests, customer success teams can see who’s likely to churn, marketers can identify and activate brand advocates.
– Effortless setup and management. It takes less than five minutes to start measuring and improving customer happiness. No more email campaigns or spreadsheets to manage.
– Makes customer data actionable. In-app workflow ensures customers who share qualitative feedback get a response. Integration with legacy CRM and other business apps ensures that data doesn’t sit in a silo.

And just last week we introduced feedback classification and more robust analytics to our platform — features that will surface themes and trends.

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Q: What are main benefits of using Wootric platform? How is it different than existing platforms?

A: What sets us apart from other similar companies is that by ensuring contextual and automated feedback collection with high response rates we help shift the focus from measurement to aligning everyone in the company around boosting Net Promoter Score.

The customer experience management space is fragmented and doesn’t contain a clear category leader. The turnkey nature of our platform (5 minute install), business freemium model, and cross-functional approach best position us to take the lead. Our current competitors either require lengthy and expensive installations, or are simple survey tools that lack analytics and workflow.


Q: You’ve recently announced a $2.6 million series A funding round; what are your plans?

A: We plan to use the funding to continue to build out the team, refine our go-to-market model and fast track our product roadmap. Our product roadmap is structured around the ideal workflow for unifying teams around the customer: Ask your customers, analyze their feedback, route to right team, and help you take follow-up action. We plan to go deeper into each bucket (channel expansion under “ask” for example) and automate more of the manual aspects of the workflow (text/sentiment analysis as another example).

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Q: What can we expect from Wootric in the future?

A: Over the next five years we will emerge as the leader in the customer experience management space–the platform of choice for companies the world over looking for a solution to unify their teams around improving customer experience.

Last Updated on June 13, 2016

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