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Worry Watch App – Never worry again

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Often we worry about everyday things. Later we realize most of those worries were unnecessary and some irrational too. Yet we don’t tend to remember these momentary realizations when we worry again next time. While we could jot down these momentary realizations in a traditional notebook and pen, it has few shortcomings.

First and foremost is the privacy concern as it is hard to protect the notebook containing our personal thoughts from prying eyes. Second is the accessibility issue as we obviously cannot carry the notebook with us every where. Third is lack of statistics to look for patterns and trends unless we are willing to do the number crunching by ourselves. Fourth is the difficulty in retrieving our entries quickly based on outcome, date, day or a context without an elaborate categorization and organization of our notes. And last but not the least assiduously we have to remind ourselves to write it.

With these things in mind, Worry Watch team searched for an app that could satisfy the above needs. As they couldn’t find one they went ahead designing ‘Worry Watch’ a unique digital journal app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to log, track and analyze these worries & self-realizations. The app offers visually beautiful statistics, passcode protection, advance search filters, gentle reminders and personal customizations.

Worry Watch App

The app helps us to log the details of worry such as
– What was the worry or anxiety about
– When did it start
– What was the context – Health, Financial, Career, Family, Social, Other
– How did the event turn out – was it as bad as worried

The app then slices and dices the data we entered to generate visually appealing statistics so we can identify the patterns and trends based on day, month, outcome and context.

By diligently logging, tracking and analyzing ‘what might happen’ perception to ‘what did happen’ reality, we may get a deeper understanding of our worry patterns. Such an understanding may help us challenge our worry perceptions and subsequently may help change our future thought patterns in a positive way.

Last Updated on August 14, 2014

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