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XaitPorter Combines Word Processor And CMS With A Built In Workflow To Help Organizations Increase Productivity

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Xait is a company focused on redefining document collaboration by emphasizing team productivity and manageability through document automation solutions. Their flagship product XaitPorter aims to help companies reduce costs, increase revenue and save time. Below is our interview with Christer Bjørnø-Husa, Senior Business Development Manager – Team Lead (CF APMP) at Xait:


Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of your document automation solution for business-critical documents?

A: Xait has since it`s start 2000 always aimed to stay true to it`s vision, to create a better life for each and every one, by finding smart solutions together.

XaitPorter is our solution for increasing productivity for large teams collaborating on complex documents in larger organizations or across organizations. By shifting focus from the manual process, and tasks related to document re-formatting and compilation. We enable our users to focus more on the important things like content creation and value proposition.

XaitPorter is a combination of word processor and content management system with a built in workflow, this unique mix of functionality provides several major benefits.

All content is created directly in a database, which means that all content you create is available for re-use. Allowing you to build either pre-compiled documents outlines or you can build bespoke documents from building blocks with drag & drop functionality. All numbering, formatting and layout is automated. And because look & feel are separate, this means that you can maintain consistent branding regardless of technical proficiency of staff or formatting habits, ensuring consistency across the organization.

Our workflow gives the project managers overview of the various projects and also allows gives the users both accountability and transparency in the process. Progress reports and granular security ensure on-time delivery in a secure and integral manner.

With all of these elements combined, we believe that XaitPorter delivers a best-in-class experience, increasing both productivity and quality without increasing complexity.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your Solutions for bids and proposals?

A: XaitPorter is currently being used by several of the worlds largest companies within Oil & Gas and other verticals to improve their tendering & proposals processes. The reason behind this is that our solution provides control to the bid managers, so that they are able to maintain control over their concurrent bids. Most bid teams who work in word or other file based solutions tend to work in a serial process, meaning that most of the time the bid manager actually doesn`t have overview or control of the project typically until the last third of the project phase.

With XaitPorter we enable the teams to work in a parallel process. This increases transparency, accountability and efficiency. A lot of the different review and approval stages that typically come towards the end of a serial process, can be done much earlier in XaitPorter. Combine this with the fact that you don`t have to compile documents from different sources; that you don`t have to worry about versioning issues or security issues related sensitive information due to granular access rights.

XaitPorter reduces the time that teams spend on manual labour that is not related to value creation. While enabling them to collaborate transparently, and because they are able to re-use pre-approved content from previous bid/proposal processes like HSEQ, T&Cs, Service Descriptions, Certificates etc. They don`t have to re-invent the wheel each time they start a new project, as they can have 70% of the document pre-compiled.

Q: Who are the primary users of Xait?

A: XaitPorter is primarily used by Oil Service, Oil & Gas Exploration, Ship-Design, Engineering, Facilities Management, Pharma, Logistics and Public Sector organizations.

Within most of these organizations most of our users are either involved in Business Development, Bid Management or Engineering. Within Oil Exploration we are used by Geologists. Within Ship-Design our users are mostly Naval Architects. And for Public Sector Strategy planning teams and other resources involved with complex documentation are our target audience.

So really XaitPorter can be used for a wide range of industries and documents, ranging from Tenders & Proposals, RFPs, Department and Technical Reports, Year End Fiscal Glossy Reports, and much more.

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Q: How does Xait stand out from competition?

A: Xait as an organization stands out because of the passion of our employees, we always want success for our clients, and are always 100% committed to see our clients succeed. From our sales teams who identify were the clients needs are, to our dedicated Key Account Managers who train and make sure our clients are able to get the best of our offering. We always do our best to make sure our clients are in focus, regardless of size and location.

Other than that from a pure technical stand point we stand out because we produce our documents directly in a database. There is no file until you actually export, and then you have the choice between PDF, Word and OpenOffice. This means that users re-use content without worrying about numbering, formatting issues and look & feel, shifting focus from frustrating collation & re-formatting processes to value creation and strategy.

Q: What can we expect from you in next six months?

A: XaitPorter is now available on the UK Digital MarketPlace as a Crown Commercial Service Supplier, so we aim to focus on this vertical.

We are strengthening our organization in the US and our marketing efforts will also increase these next six months so our aim is to become even more visible and active in our key markets. So be sure to check out our website to see where we will be present and what is happening with us.

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