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Xoxoday Empowers Organization Across The Globe To Improve Business Efficiency, Productivity, And Performance

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Below is our recent interview with Sumit Khandelwal, CEO of Xoxoday:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Xoxoday?

A: Xoxoday (pronounced Zo-Zo-day) is a one-of-a-kind holistic engagement and motivation platform that has been empowering organisation across the globe to improve business efficiency, productivity, performance while optimising costs in employees, sales, channel and consumer engagement.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your products?

A: Xoxoday’s robust technology platform comprises three highly scalable, easy to use, plug-n-play products.

Empuls – an all-in-one employee engagement solution to connect and align employees to shared vision & goals of the organization. With many key features such as award workflows, budget automation, industry-endorsed real-time surveys, social intranet, eNPS measurement, etc. organizations can improve the overall employee experience and drive higher productivity.

Compass enables organisations to gamify incentives to effectively engage their distributors, retailers, channel partners, sales agents, and the ‘gig workforce’. With Compass, the channel managers can establish effective communications with their channel partners, set up and executive trade campaigns, and accelerate the achievement of incentive-driven milestones.

Plum – a digital rewards automation platform which helps business leaders digitise and automate rewards/ incentives/gifting/loyalty programs. They can avail thousands of options from a rich catalogue of wellness, personal finance, e-learning, e-gift cards, experiences, privileges, philanthropy, rentals, perks, offers, and subscriptions.

The intuitive product suite is known for its banking grade security, support for hybrid deployment capabilities. The products also offer seamless integration with a wide range of platforms, including HRMS, Marketing Automation, Survey Platforms, CRM, Payment Gateways, etc.

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Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: The ideal Xoxoday client for each product would be different.

For Empuls, it is the organizations that have an employee strength between 200 – 1000; whose employees are knowledgable; and believe that employees are their key asset and culture their competitive advantage.

For Plum, the ideal customers are the marketing and sales leaders who seek to influence user behaviours using rewards, incentives and benefits as the medium.

Whereas for Compass, the ideal customer would be the sales heads who are passionate about building high-performing sales teams using gamification techniques.

Q: What’s the best thing about Xoxoday that people might not know about?

A: Xoxoday as an organization truly believes in the people-first culture and has built a great ‘flat’ organization – and an extremely talented team. The quality of work produced by the team reflects in everything we do. As a result, we have consistently seen a 100% growth for the last 4 years.

On the other hand, we have successfully built a highly scalable suite of products that seamlessly integrate with a host of business-critical software like HRMS, CRM, customer support applications, sales & marketing automation etc. – redefining the rewards and incentive landscape.

On the whole, we have built a fundamentally strong business – in terms of both people and product.

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Q: What can we expect from Xoxoday in next 12 months?

A: In the next 12 months, we will be focusing our expanding our business horizons across the USA, the UK and the SEA markets. We are particularly excited about the new integrations we have done with leading technology companies – like SAP Successfactors, Zapier, SurveyMonkey, Hubspot, Zoho etc. which will take rewarding experiences in the organizations to newer heights.

These integrations open up countless possibilities of incentivization – from employee rewarding, survey respondents rewarding, customer engagement to sales team incentivization.

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