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Zentera Systems: Enclave-Based Connectivity And Security For The Multicloud

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Below is our recent interview with Jaushin Lee, CEO at Zentera Systems:

Jaushin Lee

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Zentera Systems?

A: Zentera is an overlay networking and security company based in Silicon Valley, made to address the ever-growing need for connecting, protecting, and migrating application workloads across hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Q: Why is now the time for Zentera’s solution and technology?

A: Enterprise IT teams today are in consensus that leasing the cloud is more efficient than investing capital to build proprietary datacenters. With today’s fast-changing business requirements, driven by the business agility and cost savings of digital transformation, enterprises are embracing datacenter migration to the cloud.

Although the industry has largely understood the computing stacks needed for cloud migration, the network and security stacks are becoming the new bottleneck. Enterprise IT faces operational challenges in managing existing infrastructures, each with their own complexities. Any change in the network infrastructure can increase the risk of impacting applications and opening attack surfaces for security concerns.

Cloud computing – Zentera Systems

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Q: How do you support enterprises meeting their cloud business requirements without compromising network and security infrastructures?

A: Enterprises need one unified fabric. There are two approaches to building a unified fabric. The first approach, which we deem as an impossible task, is re-engineering all networks in order to easily connect and access applications. This is impossible because all companies, from enterprises to service providers, would have to agree on the same infrastructure and the same security policies.

The second approach is build a new overlay fabric. Zentera’s CoIP Enclave™ solution connects disparate application workloads using a Universal VPC. The concept is to not change any of the underlying infrastructure. Instead, build a new overlay network on top.

Q: What is a Universal VPC and what can you do with it?

A: Imagine a network that can span across disparate network silos and is decoupled from underlying infrastructures. Zentera’s CoIP Enclave solution creates a Universal VPC that extends from multiple clouds back to on-premises environments. This Universal VPC acts as an overlay unified fabric that spans across any domain, extending to authenticated endpoint machines and encrypting all network traffic in SSL tunnels. This allows the logical connectivity to be completely abstracted from the physical network topology, enabling one unified fabric that supports cloud connection and workload migration.

Enterprise IT can modify the configuration of the overlay fabric using a simple web portal with API automation capabilities. Furthermore, the Universal VPC can be extended between cloud regions or providers to avoid vendor lock-in. With a virtual network fabric hiding the complexities of the physical network, IT staff can greatly diminish their cross-functional challenges and have their datacenter migration downtime be measured in hours.

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