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5 Innovative Companies For Kids (And Their Parents)

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When it comes to spending hard-earned money on products (and services) for kids, most parents want to support companies that put a little extra into what they offer. Whether this means supporting a locally-owned independent toy store or researching who makes the baby formula you’re buying, your dollars go a long way to upholding your values. Let’s look at five companies that are doing things a little bit differently than their competitors.

Else Nutrition

Else Nutrition makes a dairy free formula for babies because children have the least plant-based options. The nutrition company gives children a real dairy-based alternative after 120 years of baby formula not really changing. Their formula is made by a board of scientists, nutritionists, industry veterans, and parents. Else Nutrition’s formula alternative has the most natural production process and uses 92% whole-food ingredients. The production of the formula is important because the less processed ingredients have better nutritional values. The whole-food ingredients help cut down on the environmental impact of the process. Previously, soy and dairy were always industry standards.


Tinybop makes educational apps for kids in their Brooklyn-based studio. These apps spark curiosity in children worldwide through their classrooms and homes. Whatever the subject of the app, the team will work with experts. Tinybob works hard to allow parents and children to learn together. Handbooks with ideas for further learning and tips for the apps that come with the apps. TinyBop has made many educational apps available on Apple and Android. A popular category is the Explorer’s Library, which are interactive models for children ages 4+. Some interactive models include The Human Body, The Earth, Simple Machines, and Space.


CliniCloud makes medical kits and apps for parents. The CliniCloud app allows parents to track the health of their family. The app takes the readings of the instruments in the medical kit and analyzes the data. Parents, physicians, and caregivers can track loved ones’ health, patients’ health, and their own health. This app allows people to analyze, track, and record their medical data easily. The CliniCloud connects a medical kit for parents digitally to track the details of a cold, chill, or fever of their child. The medical kit has a stethoscope and thermometer that connects easily with the app on their phone. The CliniCloud stethoscope can gather vital information for things such as asthma or colds. The CliniCloud thermometer instantly reads temperatures without contact by using Bluetooth connectivity.


Sphero makes remarkable STEAM-based educational tools and robotic kits for kids. These kits transform the way kids invent, create, and learn. It teaches kids about science, coding, art, and music. The Sphero computer science curriculum and coding for kids at home allow children to learn in a fun way. There are educational activities to go along with the lesson plans. These activities include RVR+LB Mars Mission: Sensor Data, RVR+LB Mars Mission: Clear the Zone, and BOLT Space Mission: Loops & Functions. Their activities range from K-12. The Sphero littleBits classroom activities educate children in a fun way on various subjects with robotics. These activities include computer science lessons, STEAM student sets, and the STEAM+ classroom pack. The robotic kits go with lesson plans and customizable handouts to get the most out of the child’s imagination. Their educators have created hundreds of lessons to go with the kits.


Wonderbly makes personalized books for kids of all ages. Their “Where Are You…?” collection is a search-and-find series. Their ABC For You collection helps to boost the alphabet skills of children. The Lost My Name book is a story designed for self-discovery. Parents can add free dedications to books to personalize them and include their child’s name. The company has a 97% satisfaction rate with over 6 million books sold. Wonderbly’s books range from age 0 years old to adults. Their expansive ages 0 to 3 years section include the ABC For You and Lost My Name books. Other popular books for the under-three section include I Love You This Much, 10 Little Yous, and A New Sibling For You. Their expansive ages 3 to 6 years include the Where Are You…? books. Other popular books for 3 to 6 years include The Wondrous Road Ahead, That’s MY Cake! and Kingdom of You. The other sections of readers include growing readers and adults.

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