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All-In-One Workplace Productivity Solution ClickUp Helps You Save Time And Become More Productive

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Below is our recent interview with Zeb Evans, CEO and Co-Founder of ClickUp:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to ClickUp?

A: ClickUp is the only all-in-one workplace productivity solution, designed to replace all other workplace apps and help people save time and become more productive. We’re the first-ever workplace productivity tool that enables all organizations across a company (from non tech-savvy to highly technical) to use one platform for all work. That means engineering, marketing, product, sales, HR, finance and more can all be on one tool and customize it for each person and department. At a time when the future of work has never been more in flux, with a rapid shift to remote and flexible work, it’s more crucial than ever that businesses have a seamless solution that allows employees to collaborate regardless of location and maximizes efficiency across all departments.

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Q: You’ve recently announced the findings of your new report, “The 2021 Workplace Pulse”; can you tell us more about the findings?

A: The report looks at the implications of the major shift businesses and employees have experienced over the past year due to COVID-19, as well as other trends in the American workplace relating to remote work, work/life balance, office technology and tools, and more. Key findings include:

● Businesses need to provide the right set of tools and technology to set employees up for success. Businesses must implement a structured, seamless framework that allows a dispersed workforce to collaborate with ease. Whether an organization is fully remote or has a combination of in-office and remote workers, it is important to find a balance between having the technology and tools to enable employees to work in concert and communicate across locations, without it resulting in ‘application-overload’ and negatively impacting efficiency.

    ○ 42% of employed Americans feel their employer does not offer them all the technology tools or apps they need to succeed while working remotely
    ○ 42% also feel their company is stuck in the dark ages when it comes to adopting new technology tools or apps
    ○ Nearly half (46%) of employed Americans fear they will become burnt out from having to juggle so many different technology tools or apps for work
    ○ 43% have been frustrated by the number of technology tools or apps they have to use for work

● The need for flexible work increases alongside a rise in burnout. The shift to remote work due to the pandemic is one of the biggest permanent changes the workforce will likely see this century and companies must adapt to the increased flexibility that employees have become accustomed to, without a loss of business objectives.

    ○ More than one-half of employed Americans (54%) will not work for a company that doesn’t offer the flexibility of working remotely at least some of the time
    ○ Nearly half (45%) of US employees said they would give up 10% of their salary in order to have an easier work life
    ○ 48% of employees struggle balancing work and home life
    ○ 46% say they would even choose to add stress at home in exchange for less stress at work

● Employees are struggling with productivity, collaboration, and efficiency. The survey found that many employees are struggling with workplace productivity and engagement. More than half of employed Americans (51%) say they lose at least one hour per day being inefficient at work, and the causes are often as simple as email overload or disconnect from their team on tasks and projects. The message is clear – it is essential for businesses to optimize the workplace to meet these growing challenges.

    ○ More than half (52%) of employed Americans have felt disconnected from their company/coworkers at some point in the past year
    ○ Half (50%) of employed Americans feel having to check emails throughout the day is distracting to their productivity while working

Q: Can you give us more insights into what this means for the businesses as they consider a return to the workplace?

A: Businesses have experienced a significant shift over the past year, forcing many to adjust on the fly to countless new tools and processes that have left their employees feeling burnt out. This report shows just how fed-up employees are with businesses that leave them in the technological dark ages or bombard them with too many tools. In an era where employees can try new tools at the click of a button and work from any location, businesses must listen to their employees and meet their evolving expectations and needs. Those that don’t will lose their employees to jobs that give them what they want and need, even if they have to give up some salary to get it.

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Q: Tell us a little more about your platform.

A: ClickUp is all about saving people time. We focus on streamlining and replacing tools, so that people can stop wasting time jumping between tools or searching for where their work lives. We help businesses’ bottom lines by reducing employee churn, speeding up the sales cycle and shortening time to value, improving internal communications, and establishing trust and transparency among teams. Fully customizable and scalable features include project management, tasks, documents, chat, goals and OKRs, time management and more. Plus, we seamlessly integrate with over 1,000 other tools that people already use. We believe the future of work begins with all work in one place, and we are providing the platform that makes that future a reality.

Q: What can we expect from ClickUp in the next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: ClickUp is built to work as users do. We add new features and updates weekly and evolve quickly as our users’ needs and feedback changes. We built a Remote Work OS to quickly respond to the shift in remote working due to the pandemic and we have also added innovative new tools like a first-of-its-kind Native Email solution (yes you can send email directly from our platform!), a video recording tool called Clip that enables users to quickly record and share insights with their teams, and a robust calendar integration with Google Calendar. Over the next six months we plan to expand our platform into new languages around the globe and add new features while continuing to improve all existing features. All along the way we look forward to continuing to listen directly to our users and prioritizing the features they want most.

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