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An Interview With Larry English, President Of Cool-Ads – Manufacturer Of Eye Catching Point Of Purchase Displays

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Below is our recent interview with Larry English, President of Cool-Ads:

Q: Can you tell us something more about the company and what do you?

A: The Company started as a result of trying to buy a beer in a local convenience store. I was interested in a six pack of Bud to watch a football game with my son-in-law, so we raced down to the store, in a bit of a rush during half time. When we looked at the cooler, we were greeted by a mass of stickers and clings, that basically refused a look into the cooler without opening it. It seemed like a poor presentation to us the shoppers, and the competing brands added nothing to our decision making, only confusion. We then stood with the cooler door open making our final decision on brand, with all that nice cool air flooding out into the store. Not much for energy costs was my thought.

I decided there had to be a better way.

2 years of engineering and patent filings later, we were ready to begin to go to market. That was 2011, and the patents were not perfected until 2014, but off we went, taking off like a rocketship due to the interest displayed by Anheuser Busch, who sort of championed the invention. It became clear that they were the Company that were pioneers and loved new concepts.

Since then, and 10 patents in USA, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, China, Provisional in Europe, on multiple aspects, has helped considerably to introducing the concept to a wide audience.

We have introduced a backlit LED version, with a patent that covers backlit LED in combination with battery power and a motion detector. It uses a reverse UV printed ad, as opposed to the simple paper ads used in the standard Cool-Ads handles, and is a brilliant and eye catching point of purchase display.

We find that retailers truly enjoy the concept of a single ad at the cooler, which cleans up the shopping environment, yet allows the retailer to deal with the brands on ad placement. It also allows the brands to “own” that real estate, making it a valuable marketing resource for both their branding and sales lifts.

White papers claim a 34-79% average sales lift when using point of purchase that employs “sensory perception” I think it was Coke who first employed that sort of thinking, and who wouldn’t want to be Coke?

In terms of engineering we are working on release of another handle which takes things to a much higher level, employing video screens updatable by SD card or thumb drive, or even a connection thru IOT for centralized updates controlled by either the brand or the retailer.

With this hunger for capability, we have broadened our horizon to include a Custom Shop in our factory operations in China.

Q: Can you tell us something more about your custom shop?

A: We now are able to offer Customized coolers, can coolers, Retail Displays (we leverage our factory’s enormous experience in that area, and our own clients) and Molded handles. The molded handle offering is perfect for us, as it gives brands another opportunity for real estate ownership with a handle that is easily installed and removed at a great price for unmistakable brand advertising.

Our China factory has moved into robotics in a big way, and the products are impeccable. The robots produce welds so clean it doesnt even look welded.

Our customers include regional grocers, convenience stores and chains, independents, distributors, agencies and brands. Retail Displays can be virtually any product requiring floor or wall space and our brands customers are jaw dropping.

We sell Internationally to many countries, where someone has somehow discovered us. Thats always a joy for me having travelled extensively over the years. Canada and Mexico have been great in their interest in Cool-Ads, but not limited to there as we have shipments going to South Africa, Croatia, Bulgaria, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia et al.

Q: Can you give us insights into your products? Why Cool-Ads? What makes you the most effective way to incite decision and sale at the “moment of truth”?

A: The addition of touch to sight is a well known and often written about discussion on effective marketing. Although I agree that ultimately touching the product itself is best example, it is a clear segway into making that happen. Having the real estate at that last moment of decision making by the consumer is an amazing advantage. To us and our customers, it is a “no-brainer”.

We have also done significant work and engineering on the use of scent and that would be the use of the most potent of all senses. It is one which has been underutilized in point of purchase marketing.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: The inconvenient truth, is that my business is purely entrepreneurial, by choice. However the baby would do well in a an environment that has the ability to take advantage of the products, patents and potential. As an entrepreneur, I can only hope my products reach full fruition someday. People who have a dream, a product, love the battle, seeing it succeed and hopefully be recognized. That is our place in the world, and one to make your mark.

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