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An Interview With Sal Sferlazza About RMM And The Launch Of NinjaMSP

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Ninja MSP gives MSPs a remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution that is built around a next generation user experience, NinjaMSP is helping MSPs run their business more efficiently and effectively. The NinjaRMM solution boasts an unparalled user experience, integrated seamlessly with all the products MSPs use every day to run their business. Ninja is a full-blown SAAS product with patch management, antivirus, alerting, policy management and scripting. In production, the deepest integrations available in the market for anti-virus, back-up disaster recovery, screen-share and PSA solutions. In addition, Ninja offers a full suite of differentiated features never seen in an RMM. Features include agentless cloud monitoring, deep network management, traffic analysis and more.

Below is our interview with Salvatore Sferlazza, Co-founder and Chairman of Ninja MSP:

Salvatore Sferlazza

Q: In an increasingly crowded market, why did you start an RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) Software company?

A: Over the past few years of launching 3 startups in the MSP space, I would hear customers talk about their pain points with their current RMM solution. Most of the MSPs I talked to had switched RMM’s several times in a short timeframe After being in the “MSP Space” for 12 years, working together closely with MSPs, I know we can provide that platform they are looking for.

First and foremost, MSPs are the best customers in the world. They are sharp, technical, entrepreneurial, open to new ideas and are not shy about letting you know features they want and need. Listening to our customers, the MSP, is the key to our success. I personally talk to about 4 MSPs a week. They tell me their pain, heartache, issues with past products and what they need do in order to succeed.

Even when a customer doesn’t switch to Ninja, they will give us the roadmap to win their business in the future. It’s really exciting to go back to partners a month or a quarter later, deliver on a promise, then sign them up. We don’t even publish a long term roadmap, because our customers drive our roadmap every single day.


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Q: Tell us about the progress you have made so far?

A: I originally come up with the idea around the time I sold Anchor to EFolder in September 2013. We closed a round of financing around January 2014 and shipped a pilot March 2015. We are a product driven company, not a sales focused one (although we all agree, sales are important!) After spending months collecting feedback and retooling our roadmap based on customer requests, we felt that we were ready for a v1 ship around June 2015. During our first 6 months, we signed up over 200 partners – and that was without paid PR and marketing. We relied on word of mouth and discussions with partners and customers we had worked with in the past. In addition, during this time, we have built multiple integrations and business development relationships with some of the largest players in the space. Our team started with about 5 key people and blossomed to a team of over 35 Ninjas in a very short time. Our engineering team has doubled. In 2016, we will be expanding our operations not only in San Francisco, but in Boca Raton, Florida as well.

Q: What separates Ninja from the competition?

A: When I came up with the plan for Ninja I wanted to make sure we built the software on a technical foundation that would last us for years to come. As a result we have a built a scalable (scale out) SAAS platform that allows us to bring on customers quickly without compromising their experience. In parallel, we designed a self describing framework that allows us to code third party integrations quickly, that are more robust and at a minimal cost to us or our eco-system partners.

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Q: How will you differentiate yourselves in the marketplace?

A: For us, it all comes down to integrations and innovations. I as I mentioned, our integrations are far more single pane then any other third party integrations you will see in the market. MSPs have strong opinions on the products they love to use. We want to provide a them with, in addition to a best-in-breed RMM, a fabric that in which all those products are integrated into. This past year we have built an amazing user experience, signed up over 200 partners and as we go into 2016, the integrations with other MSP products will be a huge focus.

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Q: Where will Ninja be in 2 years?

A: At the rate Ninja adoption is going and how it is being received, we think we can become one of the larger RMM’s in the market. MSPs will see at least a dozen integrations this year. They will also see new lines of business integrations that will allow MSPs to future proof their business and accelerate the growth of ours. I know it’s a bold statement, but based on the feedback, the rate at which customers are signed up, I feel really confident about our plan and our ability to execute.

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