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AV Concepts And Event Tech Experts Rezin8 Are Creating Buzz In The Industry

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AV Concepts drives business results with innovative turnkey audio-visual solutions. With 29 years of experience the company combines technology and creativity to offer their clients a customized set of services in order to make remarkable events. Below is our interview with Nick Smith, Co-Founder and President at AV Concepts:


Q: Nick, tell us something more about AV Concepts and your history?

A: For almost 30 years, AV Concepts has been delivering event technology solutions for clients across the United States. Throughout this time, we have been a recognized leader in the industry. Additionally, we were the audio visual staging company responsible for notably bringing rapper, Tupac Shakur, back to life via a unique and innovative holographic staging effect made more challenging by being presented at the outdoor Coachella music festival.

Seeing a gap in the marketplace, we launched a sister brand called Rezin8 several years ago which is housed in a creative technology lab and delivers content married with technology to create powerful and disruptive experiences. Rezin8 can innovate, design, test and execute its unique solutions while leveraging AV Concepts equipment and technical knowledge.

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Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: Our clients come to us looking for an innovative and creative partner that will help differentiate and set them apart from all others. They come to us early with a challenge and allow us to collaboratively design a solution that exceeds their expectations and optimizes their budget. Our ideal AV Concepts clients are looking for the best technical solutions, leveraging state of the art equipment and top-level personnel, to create the most innovative and cost effective solutions. Our ideal Rezin8 clients want to push the envelope and go with us on a journey as we create high-impact content designed specifically for a technology solution. Our R&D process and unique lab environment can give our clients peace of mind by allowing for extensive testing and enhancements, so that they know the end result will be a mind blowing, disruptive experience. These clients include corporate in-house creative departments, universities, as well as all types of entertainment, creative and marketing agencies.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your services?

A: At AV Concepts, we provide technology solutions that include general session services, breakout room solutions, project and content management, and stage and scenic design, all supported by an R&D team that’s always striving to deliver the most innovative and efficient solutions to maximize budgets. Our teams are constantly working on the most state-of-the-art technology and are experts at staging high-impact technology such as projection mapping and holograms.

Specific services include:

• Technical Design
• Audio-Visual Equipment Rental
• Content Management
• Labor Management
• Speaker Management
• Stage & Scenic Design
• Video Capture & Streaming

At Rezin8, we work with our clients to re-imagine their event experiences by releasing the limits of their creativity. Once the stuff of dreams, our in-house creative and technology teams are able to invent the technology, develop the content, test the solutions, and enhance as necessary to make those concepts to life. Our specific services include:

• Environmental Design
• Content & Technical Design
• Content Development
• Technical Innovation
• Unique Activations

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Q: What can we expect from you in next 12 months?

A: We are really excited about the path that AV Concepts and Rezin8 are on. We have made some amazing new hires, added industry expertise to our leadership team, enhanced our solutions-based internal processes and invested in new, breakthrough technology and equipment. Over the next 12 months, we are planning new and exciting technologies to release that will offer new solutions for our clients. We are in the R&D phase currently, so we can’t share anything now but keep your eye on AV Concepts and Rezin8 as we have impressive plans for innovations to launch shortly!

Q: What’s the best thing about AV Concepts that people might not know about?

A: Our Center for Innovation in San Diego! It is a 30,000 square foot space where magic happens! The Center is the hub for our R&D and creative teams and is also the lab space where we test and re-test never-tried-before solutions before they go live. As we all know, it can be a risky proposition to do something that has never been done before and at our Center for Innovation, we are able to walk our clients through solutions prior to getting on show site or going live; building full-scale event mock-ups, giving our team and client an opportunity to experience and enhance entire shows beforehand. To be clear, this is not merely a rehearsal space, but rather a playground where creativity becomes reality!

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