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Bacula Systems – The Only Backup Solution In The World That Can Perform Automated Backup And Recovery Of Docker Containers

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Below is our recent interview with Frank Barker, CEO of Bacula Systems:


Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Bacula Systems?

A: Bacula Systems provides backup and restore software and support services for datacenters of medium and large enterprises and MSPs. Its main product, Bacula Enterprise, is a modern backup, restore and disaster recovery software solution that is especially broad in applicability, flexibility and robustness, with a simple pricing model that does not charge for data volume. We are a rapidly growing company and many enterprises and organizations worldwide such as NASA, Bank of Austria, Swisscom, Sky and many, many large MSPs have adopted Bacula to ensure they can sleep well at night knowing they can rely on us and our products!

Q: You’ve recently announced your Docker Container module; could you tell us something more?

A: Right now, Bacula is the only backup solution in the world that can perform automated backup and recovery of Docker containers. This module is integrated via the Docker API and means users can rapidly and easily backup multiple containers without having to install an agent inside each container. This exciting new capability represents Bacula’s first step towards soon-to-be-announced full orchestration integration. By the way, in addition to Docker, we also support more types of Virtual Machines than any other vendor. So when we claim to be ‘broad and flexible, we really mean it!

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Q: Can you give us insights into your success?

A: Bacula provides a way to save enormous amounts of time and money to enterprises that have complicated and demanding IT environments. These environments have challenges which Bacula is especially effective at overcoming, we also hear from our customers that as well as great products, the other big reason for our success is Bacula’s outstanding support quality: customers get access to our excellent support staff from their first contact, so they receive expert help right from the get-go.

Q: What makes you the best enterprise data backup software?

A: Bacula is unique in its combination of functionality, scalability and reliability. Its Linux-based technology is especially broad and rich, which means that it is compatible with a larger number of IT environments than any other vendor. AS an example, we offer native integration into a huge range of databases such as MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA and many more. So we help organizations that need everything in one platform effortlessly spanning both physical, virtual and Cloud environments, and all their combinations. No one else in the market has our degree of flexibility, especially when combined with our cost advantage. Actually, one of our customers, Turner Studios, put it best when they said: “The overall advantages we get from using Bacula over other solutions are the ability to tweak it to exactly fit our needs, keeping a cap on costs and getting great support from Bacula Systems’ engineers”.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Bacula is increasingly taking a leadership role among backup and recovery vendors, and accordingly we will be making more announcements over the coming months regarding new technologies, advanced security, even broader compatibility and exciting new benefits to IT professionals, including MSPs, datacenters and all kinds of IT departments.

Our outstanding products combined with our excellent support professionals and our simple and easy commercial frameworks and pricing give our customers the overall solution they need and our plan is to just keep making it better, more cost effective and easier for them to replace their existing vendors with us.

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