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CardBoard Helps Teams Collaboratively Explore And Visualize Product Ideas, User Experiences, And Customer Journeys

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Below is our recent interview with Iman Tucker from CardBoard:

Q: Can you tell us something more about the company and what you do?

A: CardBoard helps our customers build better products. We do this by providing several templates including User Story Mapping, Kanban and boards for Retrospectives. In addition, we are also a digital whiteboard. You can place post-it notes, images and text anywhere just as you can on a physical board. CardBoard is the world’s #1 User Story Mapping tool.

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Q: What is User Story Mapping?

A: User Story Mapping allows for product managers, developers and designers to put a method behind the continuous complexity of product design and creating an awesome User Experience (UX). The technique was originally introduced by Jeff Patton (Product Design Coach) as a shift from thinking about features to users and their needs. The power of telling stories is a great way to make sure your team has a shared understanding of what to build and why. In addition, User Story Mapping provides a much better visual than a flat product backlog.

The truth is we tend to over-build too many features for our products. What’s worse is that we may not understand why we are building it and who we are building it for. When we build a user story map, we do it as a team, defining user goals and tell stories to make sure the entire team is on the same page. Without this process, teams just pull the next ticket from the backlog not understanding the bigger picture.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: CardBoard is an infinite whiteboard for you to build user story maps, do business model canvases, empathy maps and Kanban boards. You can put all kinds on content from post-it notes, images and text on your boards. In addition, you can add all sorts of details to your cards including:

· Application screenshots
· Estimates
· Assigning cards to teammates

Q: What makes your product a must-have for any remote team?

A: CardBoard support real-time collaboration with several different participants at the same time. This allows our customer to be able to build user story maps with team members who are remote. The whole team sees the same changes in real-time and anyone can add content to the board.

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Q: What we can look forward to seeing from CardBoard next?

A: We will continue to listen to our customers for what needs to be built next. We are always adding new templates based on feedback. We pride ourselves on keeping CardBoard simple to use. No one likes complex apps. So, we take a lot of time designing new features and really make sure it is what the market wants.

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