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Changing Application Delivery In The Enterprise Using Docker

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Chris Ciborowski
Written by: Chris Ciborowski, Founder and Managing Partner at Nebulaworks;


For some time, the media and technical pundits have claimed that the cloud is here to stay and that organizations of all sizes are well on their way to delivering applications and services to their customers and internal clients via the cloud.

Unfortunately, our experience says otherwise.

Nebulaworks knows through experience that there are still quite a few hurdles which must be overcome before organizations, especially the enterprise, make the jump to using the cloud. One of these, vendor lock in, has been on many a CIO/CTO mind. With the considerable effort in adding and modifying business process, hiring specific cloud talent, and a shift in development methodologies the cloud presents a big risk. That is, until a little known organization by the name of dotCloud started working on a technology which supported a platform they were developing, eventually becoming Docker. Nebulaworks recognized the benefits early, understanding the impact that the technology would make and became the first company in Southern California partner with Docker.

Build, Ship and Run any App, Anywhere

That is the Docker motto, core to what Docker aims to accomplish. For all intents and purposes, instead of locking into a specific way to develop and deploy applications based on a cloud provider’s supported requirements, Docker aims at making that process as simple as a launching a container.

Consider a shipping analogy: Shipping carriers do not care what is in a container (per se) nor does the vessel differ if the container is transporting fruits and vegetables or consumer electronics. This is the fundamental benefit to Docker. Make the infrastructure which supports an application a commodity with generic requirements (the Docker Engine). You choose whatever fits your business best. This could be compute hosts in your data center or a public cloud provider like Softlayer. In fact, Docker is designed to be open and agnostic, as you can see in this image including all of the technologies that are supported.

Changing Application Delivery In The Enterprise Using Docker

The Nebulaworks cloud solutions and consulting business is focused on helping companies determine their corporate cloud direction. This includes assisting them with evaluation and implementation of technologies which deliver the promises of the cloud, transforming their business. Tools like Docker go to solve one of a number of critical issues in architecture and deployment of enterprise clouds.

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