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Cleantech Startup Smart Utility Systems Aims to put H2O Conservation in Your Hands

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Southern California startup, Smart Utility Systems empowers consumers to play an active role in water conservation and drought-related efforts by using their free app. With water-focused technology on the rise, the company is growing at a rapid rate. Below is our interview with Lisbeth Cabrera Spencer, Marketing Director at Smart Utility Systems:


Q: Tell us something more about Smart Utility Systems and your company history?

A: Smart Utility Systems is a technology company that provides customer engagement and analytics software to help water, power and gas utilities, worldwide.

Founded in 2009, Smart Utility Systems creates disruptive software solutions to help utilities and water districts increase water and energy conservation efforts, enable better resource management, and make operations more efficient. Solutions leverage mobile, data analytics and SaaS technologies for usage monitoring, leak detection, customer engagement, workforce management and more.

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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of your Smart Mobile Workforce solution?

A: Smart Mobile Workforce is a single integrated platform designed for utilities to increase efficiency, compliance and the overall safety of its workers. It gives users all the details including and not limited to: Work Order, Expense, Time Sheet, Asset, Dynamic Field Forms, Training & Learning , Notifications, Enterprise Collaboration, with built in operational analytics and dashboards. SUS has a powerful combination of deep technology and utility expertise. The company understands utility pain points, business needs, culture, etc. and how to leverage the latest technology for them to best manage workforce, business processes, etc. This application is a perfect example by giving users a dashboard to access real-time updates designed to improve overall productivity. The dashboard helps users manage assets, access training documents in a robust mobile library and even can allow you to work on your timesheet among other things. The overall goal is to increase productivity of field workers, reduce paperwork, provide timely access to information and allow for better communication with other users by using the “Ask the Expert function” inside the application. We focused on overall usability for the user, making sure our solution makes all relevant data available for the field rep to do his/her job with ease.

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Q: What is the most innovative product SUS has produced this year?

A: There are several, but SUS recently released our Smart H2O mobile app, which in itself is a testament to our commitment to water conservation. It allows consumers to play an active role in water conservation and drought-related efforts using their smartphone. The free Smart H2O app enables consumers to effortlessly report water waste issues such as leaking pipes and drain run-off directly to utilities with the touch of a button. Neither the utility nor the consumer pay a dime. Users can also access information on local water-related rebates, incentives and regulations and easily share via social media. SUS has two philosophies that drove the development of Smart H2O. First, water conservation must be the new normal – scarcity isn’t just a temporary problem and it isn’t just a regional problem. In fact, the UN estimates that with the existing climate change scenario, almost half the world’s population will be living in areas of high water stress by 2030. Second, the drought isn’t just a problem for government, utilities and farmers to worry about; for water conservation to be effective and enduring, all water consumers must be engaged.

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Q: What’s the best thing about Smart Utility Systems that people might not know about?

A: We are made up of environmentally passionate utilities experts. Our executive management team alone has over 110 years of experience with utilities, with some who started as meter men. In this way, we often say that we are the only player in the market who makes products for utilities, by utilities. We are also the only SaaS-software provider who offers a 360-approach to water conservation, tackling water conservation from the macro (city-wide), micro-level (consumer), and all the components in between. Our biggest commitment to our environment has been creating the best products in the market, priced in a way that makes them accessible to literally any utility in the world. Although we are in the US and Mexico now, our plan is to make sustainability and conservation a long-term concern, globally as well.

Water-related technology is being adopted at a rapid rate in the utility world, aimed at making previous trouble areas a thing of the past. New technology offerings, like Smart Utility Systems’ Smart H2O, are aiding the way we communicate. In the case of Hurricane Sandy, utilities simply went out of business in a flash because they couldn’t communicate their schedules, restoration plans, etc. In today’s world, we have app communication, the ability to share and text data to groups, work force systems automation – all of which are able to help in ways that simply didn’t exist previously. These are areas that Smart Utility Systems has tied in to its set of products and all future developments will continue to focus on interconnectivity between consumers and their utilities. We believe that it’s critical to continue to educate and engage with consumers in order for them to be aware of their water and energy consumption. SUS will continue to use cloud, analytics and mobile technology to address water conservation and efficiency issues in order to make a positive impact in communities across the globe.

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