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Configure.IT – Revolutionize Mobile App Development Process

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Configure.IT is a mobile app development platform that covers every aspect of modern day app development methodologies – from addressing all aspects of Backend as well as the mobile app itself. Configure.IT helps you develop apps that are app-store ready without coding even a single line. It provides cross platform app development features like automatic coding, app preview facility, direct API connect, etc. Below is our interview with Ram Chhawchharia, Founder of Sunnyvale, CA, based Configure.IT:

Ram Chhawchharia

Q: Tell us something more about Configure.IT?

A: Configure.IT at its core more than just a normal development platform. It not only addresses mobile app development, but also caters to the ENTIRE development lifecycle for developing truly dynamic and customized mobile app solution. The platform covers every aspect of modern day app development methodologies – from addressing all aspects of Backend as well as the mobile app itself. The core ideology behind the platform is to make developers think more and develop less – for some of the preliminary and extremely repetitive tasks by using configuration based interface right in the browser. The platform facilitates designing full relational database based on MySQL, API development with visual flowchart interface, Data Management Panel (aka Admin Panel / CMS) and entire native app for both iOS and Android Platform. Configure.IT generates full native source code as a result, that can be further customized and hosted anywhere – there’s no lock-in! The final source code is based on PHP and MySQL for backend; Objective-C and Java for iOS and Android respectively.

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Q: What are the biggest benefits for the users?

A: As I mentioned earlier, we have tried to cope up with many problems while trying out many other mobile app development platforms. The key differentiating factor with Configure.IT is that it offers a complete development environment where developer can build fully dynamic apps – and not just fixed set of modules. It is up to you what you want to develop. For developers, I think it is going to change how you make apps in quickly. With tight integration with Configure.IT powered backend – the app development becomes extremely fast. On top of it – our PreviewIT app allows user to test the app on the real device effortlessly – without worrying about development profiles, compilation time and all the hassles of generating / installing builds on a device or infrastructure like Mac machine or any other computer.

Talking about the core development experience, we offer a wide range of ready to use libraries, third party integrations, exclusive Configure.IT controls to save a lot of development time. The user can even add own custom code at certain places like functions, procedures, validations, etc. This should be the perfect ingredient to produce rich user experiences compared to traditional app development techniques.

Q: Could you tell us more about your pricing plans?

A: We have pretty simple pricing. The entire platform is free to try with our Basic plan – and even generate builds for publishing. However, the app that the user generates with Basic account will have Configure.IT branded splash screen and app icon. The paid version is available at $49 per month – whereby users can produce an app with own branding. Having paid account gives users the ability to download source code by paying a small amount. $99 for downloading the backend code (PHP + MySQL) of the project and $299 for downloading the entire code including mobile apps (PHP + MySQL + Obj-C + Java).

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Q: What can we expect from you in the future?

A: There’s a lot going on inside our brains – and actually with technical team. We’re always continuously working on upcoming upgrades to SDKs (e.g. iOS 9 and Android M). At the moment, we’re actively involved in architecting full fledged Mobile Backend as Solution (MBaaS) – to empower the app developers to even stop worrying about hosting and deploying the backend for apps. They will be able to host their database, APIs and Data Management Console directly on Configure.IT servers as they have “configured”. We’re also eyeing on dynamic website builder – to create websites just like mobile apps developed by Configure. IT. The idea behind this, is to leverage web users to get a similar experience as well – by building such websites without writing code.

Our immediate release will include support for additional RDBMS – and not just MySQL. We’re actively testing our integrations with PostGre SQL and MSSQLl – removing constraints of the database. This will also translate into supporting other server side languages such as .NET besides PHP that is currently fully supported.

We’re also working on a pilot project on making entire source code for iOS – SWIFT based. While we’re working on all these great upgrades, we’re getting extremely creative feedback and suggestions from our current users that encourage us to do more creative work. On top of it – we’re continuously adding small upgrades every now and to add value to the whole development experience.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Configure.IT platform?

A: · Configure.IT is not replacing your coding skills, but enables everybody to make apps. Those who already know how to code – can achieve greater benefits by making meaningful user experiences, rather than spending time in putting together simple stuff. You can focus on advanced features and we do not want you to stuck or get busy on simple and repetitive stuff.

· As a mobile app developer, traditionally you do require backend developer to build and manage backend and the APIs. With Configure.IT – virtually any developer can learn how to create and integrate backend in simple steps. This is a great enablement for an app developer by reducing dependency on backend developers.

· It is a cross-platform app development tool – while you’re developing for iOS, the Android app is almost being created behind the scenes, saving a ton of time! You do need to make minor fixes for UI, however, considering different screen sizes for Android.

· The platform generates full native output – same as you would develop yourself without using any platform. This gives you ability to customize, extend and deploy it the way you liked.

· With the PSD import feature, you can save lots of time for producing quick prototype and get faster approvals for app user experience. This normally takes weeks of time to produce native prototype based on the UI designed in Photoshop.

· Reduce app preview time with PreviewIT app – and see the instant output as you develop. You don’t need any compilation, build and installation cycles to test your work on real device.

· The apps developed by Configure.IT are 100% in compliance with the guidelines for iOS and Android. We have many apps already approved and are available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

· Anything you develop with Configure.IT – you can reuse any portion in your next project you start within the platform. This reusability can save great time for something you have already produced in an older project.

The platform is 100% web based – you do not need any SDK or software installed on your computer to be able to work. Everything you do is run straight out of your browser, with a working internet connection. All your data and project assets store in your account with Configure.IT.

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