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Francis St. Holder Is The New Owner Of Clinton Cycles Motorcycle Dealership in Clinton, Maryland

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In April 2015, Clinton Cycles got a new owner and operator. Francis St. Holder purchased the motorcycle dealership business which is located in Clinton, Maryland. Holder is a motorcycle enthusiast, but he has spent most of his career life working in a field that’s not related to motorcycling in any way.

In 1989, Holder earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Management from the University of Maryland College Park. That set the stage for what has now been a two-decade-long career working as an IT Security and Cyberspace Engineer. His career in IT and telecommunications kicked off in 1995 when he joined IBM Advantis as a task manager and a senior communications engineer. In 1997, he went to work for Network Evolutions Inc. There, he was given the position of Director of Network Services. In that capacity, he helped provide training to other professionals seeking CISCO Router Certification. Three years later, he advanced his IT skills and experience at the Information Technology Security & Consulting Inc where he was the Chief Technology Officer.

In these and other positions that he took within the industry, Francis continued to soar. He moved from employee to supervisor to manager and then contractor with government agencies and within the commercial business sector. In all these stages, he was devoted to providing his clients with excellent IT services and networks that helped them run their businesses efficiently. His career is largely dependent on customer satisfaction. In the 20 years Holder has worked in various capacities, he has acquired customer service skills that have proved extremely useful in his motorcycle business.

Holder’s admiration for motorcycles began at an early age, thanks to trips his father took him and his younger brothers to the Harley Davidson in Washington, DC. In the course of his life, Francis has owned several bikes. He’s especially interested in motorcycle customization, as evident in his first business venture, DMV Baggers. It was after he had taken this first step into the motorcycling business that he purchased Clinton Cycles.

The management skills that he gained from his life as an IT expert has enabled him to make Clinton Cycles one of the leading motorcycle dealerships in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Holder sells both new and pre-owned motorcycles in his dealership. Clinton Cycles also has a service center where motorcyclists can access services to ensure their bikes are always in tip-top condition.

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