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GAIMIN Is Helping PC Users Monetise The Unused Computational Power Of Their PC

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Below is our recent interview with Andrew Faridani, Chief Marketing Officer at GAIMIN.IO Ltd:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company?

A: GAIMIN.IO Ltd (GAIMIN) is a UK and Swiss based gaming company focused on helping PC users monetise the computational power of their PC. GAIMIN has created a decentralised data processing network harnessing underutilised processing power found in PCs to create a world-wide decentralised data processing network, delivering “supercomputer” performance.

Early on, GAIMIN identified the PC gaming industry as a significant source of potential users. Gaming PC’s typically include high performance Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) required for high performance data processing and through research into this market, GAIMIN identified these devices are underutilised by their owners. Typically a gaming PC is only used for 20% of the day, but remains switched on. As such, GAIMIN built an application that utilises the GPU and harnesses the world-wide availability of underutilised PC’s, creating a distributed data processing network and providing a passive monetisation capability to users allowing their devices to participate in the GAIMIN distributed data processing network.

GAIMIN consolidates the rewards generated from its monetization functionality and pays users in GAIMIN’s own cryptocurrency, GMRX, which will shortly be listed on one or more exchanges, providing tangible value to the cryptocurrency. In addition, GMRX can be spent in GAIMIN’s marketplace on the purchase of accessories, merchandise, in-game assets and NFTs.

The monetization app is tested and undergoing performance trials and can be downloaded from our website. Although the number of users is potentially unlimited, our business strategy aims for 1m active users over the next three years.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: GAIMIN has recently announced a number of initiatives. For example, we are the first company in the world to produce a cross-game interoperable NFT, which we have called the NFTxg. The true benefit from this NFT is its ability to be used in different games at the same time, with the NFT changing characteristics dependent on the game in which it is being used. As an NFT, the user retains full ownership of the asset and so can utilise it in different games without fear of losing it to the game if they stop playing the game.

In addition, our monetization application has undergone a period of significant testing and update. Our testing has been with a closed tester community and from their advice and input, we have made a number of changes and improvements to the application. We are now extending the test phase to a much wider community of testers. Our app is now available for immediate download and installation from and all a new user has to do is register with GAIMIN. They will immediately start monetizing and earning GMRX. The amount earned is dependent on a number of factors including their GPU performance and the amount of time the device is available to GAIMIN but rewards are immediate.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: The GAIMIN business model is based around monetizing through the PC-based app. The number of users is theoretically unlimited so our aim is to reach as many PC-based users as possible and get them to download the app and start monetizing.

In order to increase the rewards received by a user we are looking at introducing new features and functionality to increase the rewards returned to users and make GAIMIN the primary choice for passive monetization for all PC users.

We focus on the gaming industry for a number of reasons – it’s a growth area, there’s a large number of PC-based users and gamers typically have the higher performance devices which benefit from joining our distributed data processing network.

To reach this audience we have our own esports teams – collectively known as GAIMIN Gladiators. Currently we have 7 teams within this roster and around 35 players competing in global tournaments. We have engaged Shikenso to analyse our viewership and target audience reach and following the success of our teams, we are seeing multi-million brand impressions and increased downloads of our app. We are investing a significant amount of our marketing budget in GAIMIN Gladiators as the per user acquisition costs are much lower using this approach than other traditional marketing campaigns.

So, although GAIMIN is about generating revenue through the monetization capabilities of our app, we are heavily investing in our target gaming market and having a bit of fun through our esports teams and their participation in global events and tournaments.

For more information, please visit to see our roster and how the teams are performing.

Q: What can we expect from your company in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: We have a number of initiatives planned in the next 6 months. Firstly and most importantly we expect to list our GMRX token on one or more exchanges. This has been delayed due to low market sentiment for crypto currencies, but with the market looking like it’s improving, we anticipate a listing by the end of the year. This will add tangible value to our GMRX token.

However, we also want to add value to token holders who use their tokens within our ecosystem. We will be enhancing our product offerings through our marketplace. We currently have the ability to use GMRX tokens for in-app purchases and NFTs, including our own cross game NFT – the NFTxg. As we grow the marketplace and the number of users earning GMRX, we intend to create additional value for users through a number of mechanisms – for example, use your GMRX to make a purchase and receive a discount on the price, purchase an NFT using GMRX and get enhanced attributes for your GMRX. We will be adding merchandise and accessories to our marketplace and also adding GMRX to our GAIMIN Gladiators merch store.

Our strapline of “No gamer left behind” is important to us. We want to ensure we deliver gaming and monetization services to as many gamers around the world as possible. We will be looking at strategies to enable gamers to participate in GAIMIN irrespective of their device performance. For example, we have introduced an hourly-based accumulation for rewards – earn gaming NFTs just by connecting to the GAIMIN network for example.

Also, we receive a lot of comparison based on the perception we are a “mining” company. We are not a mining company, we are a “monetization” company! We will be introducing new features and functionality to dispel this myth and allow us to return higher rewards to users than they would get from a conventional mining company. The first of these new features is video rendering. We anticipate adding video rendering to our monetization platform within the next couple of months. This feature will enable video producers to submit a video file for rendering. Our distributed network will render the frames and provide the video producer with their rendered video. Our costs are significantly lower than traditional video rendering services and the rewards returned to users are significantly higher than other monetization options.

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: This is an interesting question. As a company we are quite open with communicating our strategy across all our social media channels and our website. We are introducing new functionality into our platform all the time, we are introducing new monetization options into our app to increase the rewards returned to our users and all of these enhancements are public knowledge and documented throughout our social media channels and website blog.

However, it is our belief that the blockchain industry is in an embryonic stage of its product and technology lifecycle. Our technology formulates the backbone of the blockchain ecosystem; we have created a mechanism to quickly, efficiently and economically validate blockchain transactions, irrespective of the use of the blockchain.

NFTs hit the news recently because of their “collectability” with people looking at collectable NFTs as an investment. Industry commentators suggest this bubble has burst, but this is not the only use for NFTs. NFT utility is a growing technology in a number of applications. Utilisation of the benefits of NFTs and smart contracts as a backbone validation, transparent and secure mechanism for application data security is an emergent technology approach, especially where decentralised, distributed processing and provenance of data is preferred over centralised repositories owned and controlled by corporate conglomerates.

In fact, in a few years time, NFT technology and utilisation may be ubiquitous within applications, with the term “NFT” never used to describe the integrated technology!

GAIMIN currently focuses on the utility of NFTs within the gaming industry however augmentation of our technology into other use cases is starting to gain traction. GAIMIN is at the forefront of delivering technologies to economically and efficiently validate blockchain transactions and deliver true utility through our technology and associated crypto-based economy to process decentralised data. We are looking at how our technology can be incorporated into new and emerging applications and use cases thereby increasing the revenue generation and return of rewards back to our community.

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