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GetDismissed – The Best Way To Dismiss Your Traffic Ticket

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California drivers now have a simple and fast solution for their traffic tickets. GetDismissed is a web service and mobile app that helps you to simply fight a traffic ticket without going to court. Read our interview with Steve Miller for more information:


Q: Steve, how would you describe GetDismissed in your own words and how does it work?

A: GetDismissed is an easy to use, web service and mobile application that allows California drivers to simply fight a traffic ticket without going to court. In fact we just released version 2.0 of our application.

With GetDismissed, all you need to do is take a picture of your driver’s license and traffic ticket, answer a few questions, and our system does all the work. Our system verifies your information and generates all the court defense documents you need to fight your traffic ticket. All you need to do is print them out, sign them, and mail them to the court. It’s that simple.

We are sort of a legal zoom for traffic tickets. We differ from attorneys in that we do not go to court nor do we represent you. We provide you the completed defense documents to contest your traffic ticket without having to pay expensive attorneys or go to court.

Q: What type of tickets do you help people with?

A: We can help people with most traffic infractions in California including: speeding, red light, stop sign, cell phone, carpool, other sign violation, and red light camera tickets. If you receive a misdemeanor or a mandatory court appearance we cannot help you. In addition you must be over 18 and have a valid driver’s license. If your licenses has be suspended we cannot help. All tickets must also be new tickets, not tickets that you have already been to court for and/or are already on your driving record or in collection.

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Q: Why should you fight a traffic ticket and what is the best way to fight a traffic ticket in California?

A: California has 24 million licensed drivers who receive over 5 million traffic tickets every year. Some tickets can cost upwards of $600 in addition to increases in insurance rates, suspended licenses and your ability to earn a living. So the true cost of one traffic ticket can be upwards of $2,700 over 3 years. It’s amazing that only about 7% of tickets ever get contested in California.

In California when you receive a traffic ticket you have 4 options:

1. Pay the ticket
2. Take traffic school if you are eligible
3. Go to court to fight your ticket
4. Or file a Trial by Written Declaration

The best option available to you to fight your traffic ticket, is a by using a Trial by Written Declaration, which simply is a trial by mail instead of going to court. We have been doing this for 12 years and have built up an extensive defense library to help drivers contest their traffic tickets.

Q: What advantages are there to using your service vs. disputing a ticket by oneself?

A: The advantages are simple:

1. We have contested upwards of 100K tickets in CA and have developed proper systems to put together traffic ticket defenses based on your answers to our questions that will maximize your opportunity to get your ticket dismissed.

2. Most people have never contest their own ticket so they do not know what to say and more importantly what not to say. Sort of like if a pipe breaks in your house, are you going to call a plumber or fix it yourself. Most people will call a plumber to get it done right.

3. Our service is simple and inexpensive only $99

If the ticket is dismissed, no point on your record and the bail is refunded to you 100% by the court. If the ticket is not dismissed, you can still go to court to contest your ticket and/or request traffic school if you are eligible for traffic school.

Q: In cases where the cost of paying a ticket may be less than or equal to the cost of hiring a ticket defense firm, do you still recommend your service? If so, why?

A: In California the cost of the fine is always higher than the cost of our service $99. In addition it’s not just the cost of our service. If the point goes on the record it can cost you several thousand dollars in increased insurance over 3 years. It is always better to fight a traffic ticket than just pay it.

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Q: What is a Trial by Written Declaration?

A: A Trial By Written Declaration is a way to contest a traffic ticket without going to court, it’s sort of a full legal trial through the mail. It’s the best way to contest a traffic ticket In California. This is an option that every driver in California has. In fact if you turn over your ticket you will see that a Trial By Written Declaration is listed on the back of your ticket as a way to contest your traffic ticket. This process has been around since 1978.

When you submit your Trial by Written Declaration to the court, the court then sends it to the officer. The officer must respond and then the judge reviews both sides and renders a decision. However, there are many times where the officer does NOT respond because they do not like to do paperwork and are not paid extra for paperwork. In fact as they are not really trained properly on how to respond they may even do a poor job when they respond. This is different than then you go to court. Officers like to go to court because they get paid overtime for this and they love the extra money. In court the judge almost always takes the officer’s side and many people just don’t know what to say and what not to say in court. Whereas a with a Trial by Written Declaration, you can prepare and say exactly what you need to in writing to maximize your chances of getting the ticket dismissed.

Q: How do people engage your service?

A: All you need to do to get started is go back to our website or download our mobile APP for iPhone or Android “GetDismissed.”
You just follow these 3 steps using our mobile app:

STEP 1 – Photograph your ticket and driver’s license, using your phone or digital camera.
STEP 2 – Tell us a little more about your circumstances so our system can build your written defense documents.
STEP 3 – Download your documents and send them to the court.

Within 48 hours you will be provided access to your account where you will log in and print out all the completed documents and instructions that you will sign and mail by certified mail to the court. It’s that simple.

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Q: What is your background and how long have you been fighting traffic tickets?

A: Well in a prior lifetime I was a CPA working for Deloitte and Touche. I then got into the digital imaging business and internet business, which then led me to creating a business to help people fight traffic tickets. I have been doing this for 12 years and over those years have learned a lot about developing systems to most effectively help people contest those traffic tickets. Then in 2014 I began developing an automated system based on the knowledge we have learned over the years, to make it less frustrating and simple for people to fight a traffic ticket and this became

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