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Helloify – Multi-Platform Business Messaging For Productive Teams

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Helloify is a new communication tool that makes communication with your customers or team members smarter and easier. It offers live chat options and also has team chat features. It’s available on almost all major platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Web Browsers, iPhone and Android. Below is our recent interview with Dan Norris, Co-Founder of Helloify:

Dan-NorrisQ: Could you tell us something more about your startup background?

A: I started working for myself in 2006. I spent 7 years running my own freelance / small agency operation building websites. I could never work out how to make it grow so I gave up and sold it. I then launched a software startup called That was a complete failure. Then with 2 weeks to go before running out of money and having to get a job I launched WP Curve offers 24 / 7 WordPress support and small jobs for $69 / month. It was profitable (covering costs) in 23 days and has grown to 700+ customers and $55,000 / monthly recurring revenue in 16 months. In late 2014 I joined with Luke to release our business messaging app, Helloify. I wrote about my experiences in a book called The 7 Day Startup, which hit #2 in the startups category on Amazon and has had over 15,000 orders since it’s release in October.

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Helloify Co-Founders: Luke Ronalds and Dan Norris

Q: What is Helloify? What was your inspiration for making it?

A: In it’s current form Helloify is a simple live chat app (like Olark) that also supports team chat features (like Slack) and incoming SMS messages. I think messaging is how consumers prefer to communicate now and bringing this into businesses is what we are doing at Helloify. We want to move people away from thinking about email, SMS or live chat and just think ‘Message’. We have a bit of work to do there but for now it’s a really simple live chat tool with some great team features and it has native apps on the major platforms.

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Q: What is your differentiator? Tell us something about your key features?

A: Our team chat features and supporting incoming SMS messages are the key differentiators. Businesses don’t want to give out their personal mobile numbers but they can register a number through Helloify and customers can feel like they are personally texting the business. If the team is offline they will get a friendly auto reply. If they are online, they can respond live through the app.

Q: Tell us something more about the integrations and platform support?

A: We are still working on integrations but we have native apps on 5 platforms, web, Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. A lot of live chat operators don’t have this, so the native experience particularly on iPhone is a nice benefit.

Q: What can Helloify users expect in 2015, and what’s your favorite upcoming feature?

A: We will be guided by our customers a bit on where to go from here. However moving towards a more seamless experience for ‘messaging’ a company is where we want to go.

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