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Startup Xtensio – Visualize Your Business Profile In Under 15 Minutes

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Los Angeles based startup Xtensio helps you visualize your business profile and create an overview of your startup product for investor presentations, crowdfunding campaigns, or stakeholder communications. With its DIY infographics specially designed for entrepreneurs, Xtensio enables you to show traction and progress, with meaningful data, in real time. Here is our interview with Alper Cakir, Co-Founder of Xtensio:

Alper-CakirQ: What is Xtensio? How’d you come up with the idea?

A: Xtensio is a DIY interactive data visualization tool which gives investors and other stakeholders a quick and powerful overview of your business.

At Fake Crow (our startup friendly creative agency), we have been designing similar one pagers and infographics for our clients. Looking at the repeating patterns, we noticed a common need for an easy, quick and inexpensive solution that will let startups present their case.


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Q: What can Xtensio do for startups? What are Xtensio key features?

A: If you are starting a company, you can enhance investor relations and keep stakeholders up to date on your progress and growth.

If you are raising money, Xtensio helps you make the perfect intro give investors a quick and powerful overview of your business.

If you are crowdfunding, you can embed your “folio” on crowdfunding sites, inform your supporters about where their contributions will go to and notify them when your campaign launches.

Xtensio is interactive, easy to use with in-line editing features, and connects to live data.

Xtensio – Visualize Your Business Profile

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Q: What’s your monetization plan?

A: We are launching with a freemium model and we’ll include in app purchases down the line.


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Q: When do you plan to launch it? What can we expect from your team in next six months?

A: We are launching our closed beta by the end of December and we’ll start onboarding our Beta signups in small batches. We are super excited to see what people will create using Xtensio. We have a long list of features, integrations, content we are working on but we’ll stay lean and prioritize according to feedback and data we get from our closed Beta.

The next 6 months, we’ll keep testing, measuring and building. In parallel we’ll explore integrations and partnerships with related startups.

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