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Highspot Elevates Sales Enablement With Next Level Technology

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Highspot is transforming the way thousands of people work with an innovative and modern approach to sales enablement. To learn more, we spoke with Highspot’s Vice President of Product, Jon White.

Jon White

Q: Jon, could you tell us something more about Highspot?

A: Highspot empowers sales and marketing teams to excel by providing a single place to organize, share, and analyze all sales assets and content. Sales teams can find up-to-date content for every unique buyer conversation without having to look in multiple folders, tools, and shared drives, and marketing can measure content performance and decide how to optimize content investment through powerful analytics. Highspot is the sales enablement platform of choice for leading companies across many industries and has a 90 percent monthly recurring usage rate, which is incredibly high for B2B SaaS products. Reps love Highspot — and it shows in the numbers.

Q: What market needs is Highspot solving?

A: We observe that the three primary problems holding back most sales and marketing teams are: (1) poorly organized sales content, (2) lack of sales readiness, and (3) disjointed communication and alignment between sales and marketing teams. Highspot is designed to address these challenges. In addition, we add a layer of advanced analytics so that teams can see what is working and what is not and continue to improve. The end result is a better prepared sales team armed with data-driven content.

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Q: How is Highspot revolutionizing the way sales and marketing teams operate?

A: We have the best product on the market, especially when it comes to being able to organize and find content. Observations of how hundreds of teams were unsuccessfully using multiple technologies to solve the pains of content organization and distribution revealed a demand for a single platform created to enable complete marketing and sales alignment.

We take a unique approach to organizing content in what we call “Spots” instead of using a rigid files, folders, and tagging approach — which is inherently complex and cumbersome to both find and manage content. Our Spot model, combined with AI-powered search and recommendations, means that sellers can always find the right content for every buyer engagement. Our analytics platform allows deep content analysis, giving teams visibility into content performance down to the individual presentation slide or page in a document. On top of that, we are the only product that allows teams to create interactive pages to provide guidance and context alongside sales content and assets.

Q: Highspot recently announced more than 50 certified technology integrations. Can you tell us more?

A: Our goal is to work wherever our customers and users choose to work. Salespeople won’t adopt a product that doesn’t naturally fit into their existing day-to-day workflow. That’s why we created Highspot Everywhere — the most comprehensive sales and marketing integration library of any sales enablement platform. We are proud to say we offer more than 50 certified cloud, on-premises, and mobile integrations, including integrations with major file storage products such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Nuxeo, Jive, Adobe Experience Manager, Alfresco, and more. Additionally, users can access Highspot online or offline, from all of their devices, and create and share content in more than 40 file formats.

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Q: How does Highspot help you in your role as a product leader?

A: Even though our product targets the primary use cases for sales enablement, our robust content management capability is recognized as best in class. For instance, just last month we were recognized by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) with CODiE awards in two categories: Best Sales Enablement Platform and Best Content Management Platform. As an example, my product team uses Highspot extensively in our workflow. It’s the best way to ensure our company’s sales team stays up-to-date on the latest product releases, new features, and capabilities. Additionally, my team receives feedback on how the product is resonating with the market, which helps to inform our strategy and larger vision. Highspot makes collaborating across teams really efficient and effective, giving us more time to continue improving the product.

Q: What can we expect from Highspot in the future?

A: Highspot’s mission is to create beautifully designed products with a spark of magic. With this goal in mind, our team will continue to make it easier for sales and marketing teams to collaborate and better engage with modern buyers. Over the next few months, you can expect exciting updates to our analytics platform, deeper guided sales experiences, and more technology integrations to extend Highspot Everywhere. We are also looking forward to continuing to build our team of the industry’s top product and engineering talent to accelerate our growth and innovation.

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