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INCITE Helps Retailers Educate, Inform And Evaluate Their Most Expensive Asset: In-Store Employees

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Multimedia Plus, creators of INCITE, an app-based communications platform for the frontline to improve performance, helps companies deliver measurable results with a private broadcast network and analytics. To find our more about their platform we sat down with David Harouche, Founder & CEO at Multimedia Plus:

David Harouche

Q: David, could you explain the function and advantages of your INCITE platform?

A: INCITE is a next gen mobile associate communications platform that empowers associates to impact the in-store experience. Powered by QuizScore, INCITE communicates customer focused messaging, such as product knowledge and selling skills via a private broadcast network together with analytics to drive results for today’s global retailers. Developed from retail industry trends and feedback from clients, representing some of the most popular fashion and lifestyle brands, the newly released platform offers companies robust tools to maximize positive customer experiences by giving front line employees the training and communications they need.

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Q: Please explain the difference between: throwing information at associates in hopes they’ll become brand ambassadors and fully immersing associates with highly engaging video that brings the brand to life?

A: Every customer can tell the difference between an associate reading prompts off the screen and one who’s a true expert and can recall the product details. How can retailers be proactive in assuring each associate is growing and producing if they don’t even know if their expensive payroll dedicated to training programs impacted each employee successfully, or even was accessed? Knowledge checks, in the form of short quizzes on information presented, provides the feedback mechanism that tells communicators and field managers that the information was not only clicked on by the associate, but understood. Only with knowledge check can field managers access the real-time feedback they need to assess program ROI, identify areas of associate improvement, reward successes and perhaps reevaluate training, communication and other retailing strategies.

Retailers around the world are focused on creating an enhanced shopping in-store experience with passionate sales associates who have intimate knowledge of products and drive engagement on the shop floor. INCITE will fully immerse associates with branded, highly engaging video that brings brands and products to life, while verifying employees’ interaction with content and providing KPI-driven training and communications data. Proprietary analytics tools identify, by employee areas of improvement and opportunities to reward.

With INCITE, sales associates become true ambassadors. They are excited and motivated to own their own personalized development and are able to build long-term relationships with customers. Field, district and regional leaders own their teams’ engagement and progress, often tied to salaries and bonuses.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using INCITE platform?

A: The bar has been raised regarding customer experience as the online experience is just so easy. Once a customer has made the effort of coming to your store, that experience can define that relationship going forward. The store experience must transform, foremost with highly knowledgeable, customer-facing store associates. These brand ambassadors provide customers with the ultimate experience, and retailers with smarter selling, higher margins and deeper loyalty. Retailers must focus on embracing, engaging and empowering associates with the breadth of knowledge that allows them to converse intimately about a brand, not simply read prompts from a mobile app built with content from your consumer facing website data. And it’s all measurable!

Q: What are your plans for the first half of 2017?

A: There’s a significant pipeline of new features coming out, such as overnight and background downloading of content, multilingual publishing for global retailers and invitation based enrollment to train wholesale partner’s employees.

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