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Kevin Zhang Discusses How The eCommerce Millionaire Mastery System Can Help Your Business Succeed

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Kevin Zhang is a serial eCommerce entrepreneur, investor, and educator. Zhang created his flagship program, eCommerce Millionaire Mastery in order to provide the guidance, resources, and mentorship necessary for aspiring entrepreneurs to bootstrap their own profitable online businesses. Below is a snapshot from our recent interview with Kevin:

Q: Can you tell us something more about your eCommerce Millionaire Mastery program?

A:I created eCommerce Millionaire Mastery to distill my collective eCommerce knowledge into an all-encompassing resource for the next generation of entrepreneurs. My approach allows anyone, regardless of background experience or income, to work their way from confused beginner to seasoned pro. Considering the hundreds of students who have built stores and started generating income online, I’m pretty pleased with how this course turned out!

People are always curious about the exact model I teach, so here you go: branded niche ecommerce (BNE). Branded niche eCommerce is all about building sustainable brands while leveraging the cost benefits of global trade. Specifically, I teach my students how to dropship products from warehouses around the world directly to US consumers. The beauty of dropshipping is that you never need to store physical products. Instead, a fulfillment team will store and ship your products for you. Best of all, you don’t need to pay for inventory upfront; you only purchase a product from your supplier if you have already sold it to a customer. Without the fear of getting stuck sitting on thousands of dollars of unsold merchandise, eComm entrepreneurs are able to focus all of their efforts on marketing and customer experience.

Q: Can you provide an overview of the Course?

A:The eCommerce Millionaire Mastery program includes more than 180 step-by-step video lessons for a total of 30 hours of content. The lessons are organized around specific topics and the average lesson length is 15 minutes, allowing students with busy schedules to easily digest the content at their own pace.

Specific topics I cover include: selecting a niche, setting up a Shopify store, driving traffic via Facebook ads, and the basics of financial accounting.

Q: How do you keep the curriculum up to date and your students engaged?

A:I supplement the video lessons with weekly ZOOM meetings, during which I answer any and all questions, one by one. These meetings allow me to provide specific, tailored mentorship to each student, and are a significant draw of the program. While the meetings can frequently run up to 2 hours long, these sessions are incredibly productive and one of the highlights of my week. Twice a month, I also invite 7, 8, and even 9-figure entrepreneurs to teach a lesson and answer questions. These guest lessons offer new perspectives into the world of eCommerce and digital marketing.

Q: What other resources do you offer through the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Program?

A:Aside from the content and mentorship, I also make my graphic design and fulfillment teams available to the students. My fulfillment team in China sources, packs, and ships student orders to customers. I have invested heavily in the fulfillment team to ensure fast delivery times and excellent tracking. Access to my team allows students to receive the same benefits and ensure their customers are satisfied.

I also provide access to my in-house graphic design team, capable of crafting beautiful logos, ads, banners, and other visual marketing assets. While my graphic design training within the course is strong, many students prefer to save time and use my service instead.

Eligible students also have the chance to receive a review of their store or advertising account from a member of my team. These reviews point out errors and provide students with actionable feedback to improve conversions and take their stores to the next level!

Q: What Sets eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Apart?

A:There are a lot of competing programs, but when it comes to the depth of instruction and quality of supplemental resources, nothing comes close to matching eCommerce Millionaire Mastery. People who join eCommerce Millionaire Mastery are given all the tools they need to succeed and make their financial dreams a reality. From the lessons to the live mentorship to the fulfillment team, I really try to do everything I can to provide every student with the chance to succeed. I feel blessed to be able to mentor motivated entrepreneurs on a daily basis, and I look forward to disrupting the online education space even further.

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