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LiveStories Raises $10M Series A Funding To Deliver A Collaborative And Interactive Platform For Civic Data Exploration

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LiveStories is the only company providing end-to-end solution to find, explore, and share civic data. They have the data, charts, and maps based on that data, and a fast webpage builder to communicate that data to your stakeholders, all on one platform. You don’t need to spend hours finding datasets from different sources, formatting them on Excel, visualizing them on Tableau, and publishing PDFs for the public on your website with IT’s approval. You can do it all just with LiveStories. Below is our interview with Adnan Mahmud, the Founder and CEO of LiveStories:

Q: You’ve recently raised $10 Million Series A funding round; could you tell us something more?

A: We will be investing in our product and scaling our sales and marketing operations. We’re accelerating hiring across the board—engineering, sales, and marketing—and we’re moving to a larger office quite soon. Ignition Partners led the round, with participation from existing investors True Ventures and Founders Co-Op.

Q: What is the story behind LiveStories, how did you start?

A: We started LiveStories to address serious gaps in the way the largest sector in the world—the government— understands and communicates data. I grew up in Bangladesh – one of the most corrupt countries in the world. I had front row seat to how information is manipulated to benefit the few. Throughout my career, I have led teams that focused on giving people better access to information. America does well when all 3,100 counties, 20,000 cities, and 100,000 schools do well. The real work in America happens at the local level and our mission is to unlock the power of data for every community in this country.

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Q: How exactly does LiveStories work?

A: If you’re a LiveStories subscriber, you have access to thousands of indicators from sources like the American Community Survey, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Search for data on any subject on our platform and you’ll find not just the underlying spreadsheets for download, but interactive charts and maps that show what the data mean. You can easily drill down to specific states and counties or benchmark against other similar places.

Exploring the data on our platform is often the first step, but if you have your own data, you can upload it and visualize it too. Either way, from there, you can easily publish and share your visualizations with constituents or stakeholders—along with text, images, videos, quotes, and so on that provide context and calls to action—with our webpage builder. The platform also includes team collaboration features, so you can manage access to the data and stories and suggest changes without having to switch to a separate messaging app or email.

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Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like LiveStories?

A: Data is everywhere today, but working with data is still very difficult. There’s a high barrier to entry for anyone seeking to understand civic data, let alone communicate data-based insights to the public or stakeholders; in most cases, doing so requires multiple technologies and a team of specialists. LiveStories aims to change this state of affairs, so anyone can comfortably explore all the data that’s out there and report what they find. The public sector does the most critical work in our communities. We enable them to use data to be more efficient and effective, without spending hours being buried in rows and columns.

Last Updated on September 2, 2017

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