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MailStake Is The “Lost & Found” For Mail Pieces And Parcels

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Below is our recent interview with Osama Abaza, Founder & CEO of MailStake:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe MailStake?

A: MailStake is the “Lost & Found” for mail pieces and parcels. MailStake allows users to manage and connect with their former addresses to be notified about any misdelivered mail. MailStake also enables users to communicate with one another and recover their misdelivered mail, safely and securely.

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Q: What is your backstory? How did your company come into being?

A: When people move from one residence to another, they typically change their address with the postal service and request forwarding of mail. However, the mail forwarding service is far from perfect and only valid for 12 months.

From personal experience, when I moved from one home to another, I usually received mail for previous residents of my new home. Likewise, some of my mail was still going to my old address.

After extensive research and directly contacting the post office, I realized that there’s no current solution to this problem other than returning the misdelivered mail to the sender, and often times it shows up again at the wrong address.

My partner and I decided to take it upon ourselves to fix this problem once and for all, and that’s when MailStake was born. We designed our platform to connect people with their old addresses and communicate with current residents at those homes about their misdelivered mail.

Q: How exactly does MailStake work?

A: MailStake is a free app for users that’s available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It’s also available online via our fully equipped website. MailStake works as follows:

1- Users create a free profile and register as many previous addresses as they wish to monitor.
2- MailStake sends postcards to these addresses to connect with them (see postcard example).
3- By using MailStake app, users can search one another by name and address on the mail or by ID provided on the postcard. They can also chat and arrange how to recover the mail.
4- Users will be able to purchase a self-addressed envelope from MailStake, which we mail to their old address to fetch their misdelivered mail.

Q: What’s the best thing about MailStake that people might not know about?

A: MailStake will change the mail delivery system as we know it. Currently, the US Postal Service and all major couriers deal with mail and parcels from a real estate point of view, which means that the address dictates where the parcel goes regardless of the name on the package. MailStake will change that so that the rightful recipients get their packages no matter where they are. By registering with MailStake, users will be able to use their profile info to check out at ecommerce sites and receive mail without exposing their home address.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Our plans for the future is to create the infrastructure needed for an ecosystem where users can shop online and receive mail without compromising their private address. We are committed to continually improving our ecosystem to accommodate users ever changing needs. We also have created an affiliation program with multi-family housings that allows their residents to receive notifications about any misdelivered mail even after they move out.

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