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MapR Brings A New Level Of Real-Time Capabilities To Big Data Apps

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MapR Technologies brings a new level of real-time capabilities to Hadoop and NoSQL in one unified big data platform. MapR has raised $174 Million in venture capital funding up to date. Investors include Google Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Redpoint Ventures, Mayfield Fund and NEA. Recently MapR Technologies has made its Hadoop distribution available on Amazon Web Services via the AWS Marketplace. Below is our interview with Jack Norris, Chief Marketing Officer at MapR Technologies:

JackNorris Q: Where is Hadoop in its adoption?

A: While Hadoop is one of the fastest growing technologies today, it is still relatively early in its lifecycle. Not only does that mean that we will see market penetration continue to grow quickly, we will see the use of Hadoop to continue to grow within an individual customer. For example, in a recent survey of MapR customers, 18 percent of customers surveyed indicated that they were running more than 50 different use cases on a single Hadoop cluster. Running more than 50 different use cases on a single cluster is a testament to the broad applicability of Hadoop, the rapid time to value, ease of deployment and the enormous market potential of Hadoop.

Q: In the very competitive Hadoop market, how does MapR differentiate itself?

A: The MapR Distribution combines open source software with MapR-developed intellectual property resulting in a differentiated Hadoop distribution that supports the broadest range of use cases from analytics to operational to business-critical applications.

MapR makes systems easy to manage and use and eliminates the complexity of Hadoop. This solves the problem of skill shortage in this fast growing area. Those new to Hadoop will find MapR the fastest pathway to learn Hadoop. Experts will find it dramatically easier to manage complexity and provision Hadoop. Some examples include: MapR allows users to use NFS to get data in and out of the cluster and make it radically easier to do real-time analytics with a dynamic, read/write storage infrastructure; MapR makes Hadoop dependable for mission critical use, making possible broader business use of big data analytics for competitive advantage; MapR is the first and only company to bring features such as Snapshots with point-in-time-recovery to Hadoop and mirroring for business continuity; MapR speeds up analysis by 2X to 5X, enabling even more creative uses of big data analytics; and MapR cuts the cost of Hadoop infrastructure making it more affordable to more businesses.

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Q: Which industries tend to benefit from MapR products?

A: In today’s competitive environment, companies across every industry are faced with the challenge of processing, storing and analyzing rapidly growing data. With the MapR Distribution for Hadoop, they have an advanced, reliable, secure and scalable architecture that can run their business-critical applications and help them gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

Q: What customers are using MapR today?

A: MapR is used by more than 700 customers across ad media, consumer products, financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, market research, networking and computers, retail and telecommunications as well as by leading Global 2000 and Web 2.0 companies. MapR customers perform over 100 billion ad auctions a day, study 96% of the U.S. internet traffic, and analyze over a trillion dollars in retail purchases. Our customers, across industries, use MapR for a multitude of applications to increase revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risk.

In a survey of MapR customers worldwide conducted in March 2015, an independent research organization found that 96% of MapR customers run multiple use cases on a single Hadoop cluster, with nearly 20% deploying over 50 use cases on a single cluster. According to survey results, 73% of customers deployed new products or services leveraging the MapR Distribution and 59% benefitted from reduced costs.

Q: How is MapR helping to move the industry forward with its adoption of Hadoop?

A: According to 451 Research*, the demand for Hadoop is expected to grow to $2.7 billion by 2018 and one of the key challenges accompanying this growth is the lack of widespread Hadoop configuration and development skills. To address this need, MapR launched in January 2015 the industry’s first free, comprehensive Hadoop On-Demand Training program designed to help data analysts, developers and administrators attain the required skills and expertise. The curriculum provides engaging and interactive video lessons, hands-on exercises, labs and quizzes, enabling professionals to quickly acquire valuable Hadoop skills and knowledge on their own schedule. As part of this comprehensive training initiative, MapR has also launched a technical certification program for Hadoop professionals. To date over 30,000 individuals have taken part in this program. The tremendous uptake within the community since the program was launched in late January validates the demand for comprehensive Hadoop training delivered in a format that is convenient, flexible and available from anywhere at any time. The big data market continues to be one that allows people to command the highest average salaries and MapR believes this initiative offers a big value-add for developers, analysts and administrators.

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Q: I understand MapR is a driving force behind Apache Drill. What is the significance of Apache Drill to the big data ecosystem?

A: Apache Drill enables users to run for the first time full ANSI SQL 2003 queries directly on Hadoop data. A user can now query semi-structured data with ambiguous schema, which was not possible before. For the first time, people can drill down into raw data, in place, without needing a DBA’s assistance, or without having to transform or migrate it first. Apache Drill is breaking down the barriers that have existed in data analytics for as long as databases have existed. Apache Drill is fully self-service. It can handle schema changes as they happen, and process complex nested structures like JSON.

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Q: What can we expect from MapR in the future?

A: MapR made a multi-year investment to address underlying Hadoop architectural issues and provide a platform that enables rapid innovation for both internal MapR development as well as our customers. For example, the enterprise-grade, real-time, security and multi-tenancy features of MapR provide the required features to quickly support a broad set of use cases. MapR provides the best and most mission-critical big data platform. In the future, you can expect MapR to release additional capabilities that extends this leadership and empowers customers to drive agility and capitalize on business opportunities as they happen.

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