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Meet EuropeFX – An STP Broker With Multiple Assets And Platforms

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Below is our recent interview with Michael Landsberger, General Manager at EuropeFX:

Q: What’s EuropeFX and how did it come to be?

A: The short answer is EuropeFX is an STP broker with multiple assets and platforms. That would be a simple way to describe the idea behind the brand.

Like most things in life though the details make all the difference and with EuropeFX we’ve put together a pretty impressive list of details.

We come from a trading background coupled with some pretty smart tech people and we knew from experience what traders need to have the best chance of success.

First of all the whole philosophy of the brokerage was born out of the wish to make a more competitive environment for retail and institutional level traders. While the basic premise of trading is fairly simple, the ins and outs can be hard to get to grips with. Traders need knowledge to be successful and one of the things we do extremely well is make this knowledge available to all our clients.

Our trade execution is based on an STP model where we act purely as a broker, routing client orders for the best possible fill on all trades. This takes away any element of conflict of interest with client trades for a more transparent and level environment.

Yes, we’re regulated as a broker, but in essence, EuropeFX is more like a hub for traders. We offer a range of very accessible trading accounts but with the range of options on offer and our extensive knowledge base and educational materials, EuropeFX is where people come to learn and to apply that knowledge to their trading.

That’s one of the things we’re most proud of.

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Q: What are the current trends in forex trading?

A: For brokerages like EuropeFX that are licensed and regulated in the E.U., all current innovation is being driven by the new ESMA guidelines for investor protection.

In the past, even regulated brokers were able to offer their clients unworkable levels of leverage, up to 1000:1 in some cases. Your average retail investor simply cannot survive normal market fluctuations with that level of risk.

The ESMA ruling has capped leverage at 30:1 on all the major currency pairs, and we’ve actually dropped our upper limit to 20:1 on the minor pairs due to their increased volatility.

These new restrictions, coupled with the impact of MiFID II, have really shaken up our industry for the better. Many of the more unscrupulous operators have abandoned the industry post-ESMA, leaving a much healthier landscape for everyone involved.

Q: How is trading with your company different than any other?

A: Even though our founders and owners are naturally born “tech guys”, at the core of our customer service is the human contact.

Every client that registers to our company, gets a personal relationship manager, which is in charge in guiding the clients every step of the way and provide the tools and knowledge required to have the best trading experience possible.

In a world where everything is becoming automatic, bank branches are closing and everything is done online with robots and auto machine answers, I am proud to say that we are staying “old school” and our customer support team is growing every day to match with the amount of new clients joining our company.

Q: You’ve recently secured a sponsorship deal with German football club Hertha Berlin, could you tell us more about it?

A: Certainly. EuropeFX is now investing heavily to expand our footprint in the German market, and we see high-visibility sponsorship as an important driver of that growth.

After looking into a lot of sponsorship options, we eventually got to meet with the guys at Hertha and my mind was pretty much made up right then.

As a brand fit, Hertha is absolutely perfect for EuropeFX and what we represent – hard work, dedication, and a never-ending determination to be the very best.

We are really honoured to be able to give our backing to this stories and unique club and awesome fans as they push for the Bundesliga title this year.

We’re fifth in the league right now, so fingers crossed!

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Q: What are your long-term plans and goals?

A: Long-term plans and goals? Great question.

The team here is made up of some very talented and hardworking people from diverse backgrounds like finance and technology. Every single member of that team takes great pride in the EuropeFX name and how the company is progressing. It’s human nature to want to be part of something great and that’s no different with EuropeFX.

We are relatively young and there’s a long way to go for us but in the long-term, we want to be a market leader in what we do.

We’re not number one yet but we’re prepared to work harder than any other comparable broker to reach that number one spot.

We’ve always listened very closely to what our clients ask for. We might be in a high-tech industry but we’re very old fashioned when it comes to things like customer service and support.

That would be the long-term goal. To keep growing the company while still keeping the close personal touch with our clients.

We know we have a long way ahead of use but the whole team is excited about what the future holds. Looks like being a great journey ahead!

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